I will when Lemmy becomes a direct replacement, but as it stands I doubt that will ever happen. Anyone I convince to join Mastodon nopes out immediately due to “Nazis and furries,” and everyone I convince to join Lemmy nopes out because of “the insurmountable Tankie genocide denial/apologist problem.”

I just want nerdy linux/gameboy shit without some scumfuck Holodomorista just having to shove how installing an IPS screen is a bourgeoisie luxury and I should be killed for soldering down my throat. You can ban/mute all the lemmygrad shit too but it doesn’t help.

Also from what I understand Lemmy was born for the purpose of piracy

I don’t think you can actually permanently delete a reddit account at all


I have several Reddit accounts, all for several reasons. I still somewhat interact with the site but I mostly just use it to view stuff and aggregate all of the communities I actually want to see content from. Plus I’m just lazy and haven’t seen an actual reason to delete my account(s).

What’s Reddit?

Because Lemmy does not replace Reddit for me – but rather, it’s a different thing altogether.


Because they banned me

So I can troll r/baseball


I once did, then I made a new account and was banned for having multiple accounts. No turning back now.

Because as much as I hate that place, it does occupy a lot of my idle time on the Internet. I wish I could give it up.

Because I don’t have one ;-) my only social media are Lemmy and Mastodon. I follow some subreddits with infinity without login

Have some friends on there, it has a bit of a comminity from my country that may be useful someday and some content I havent backed up. Else i really want to delete my account from that hate and abuse filled site

Conversations happen there that I would never experience here due to different political environments, as well as more political diversity on Reddit. There is a lot more niche content on Reddit as well. Case in point: there are numerous LGBTQ+ related subreddits focusing on every aspect of the community, from LGBTQ+ teens to Q & A with gay men over 30 to people questioning their gender identity. Lemmy just doesn’t have the critical mass necessary to address those niche needs.

I’ve also invested time in my account on Reddit. That includes moderator positions, most notably a longstanding position where I helped grow /r/moderatepolitics from a tiny subreddit to around a top 1000 subreddit in terms of comments and posts per day. Alone its traffic absolutely dwarfs that of all of Lemmy.


@pingveno I’m also on the same page as you. There’s just not enough content and pretty much no local content at all if you’re not in Western Europe, US and Canada. Relevant topics for Eastern Europe for example either do not exist or are regarded through the lens of the westerners.

While Reddit just simply seems to me the sanest of the biggest centralized social networks. Plus that it’s really taking off: when I joined Reddit a few years back r/romania had around 1/10 the number of current subscribers. Local or Romanian specific communities are also getting more traction. As a Romanian, I can only help by posting the news I get myslef here and… yea…


Yeah, that too. I’m in Portland, OR and there were three times more posts in the past 24 hours on its main subreddit than in the entire history of the Lemmy community. Reddit’s just playing in a whole nother ball park than Lemmy at this point.


@pingveno Yea, it really does not compare. I just want to cut down on accounts and this is why I tried to be more active on lemmy, but otherwise it’s really unatractive.

I did a good while back, fuck allowing Reddit to build a profile about me without breaking down what I’m cool with them collecting. Libreddit all damn day if get an itch to peep the front page

Theres not enough posts on here to fill al of the voids in my life. E: Also a lot more trans communities

I mostly agree but with your account only adding two post to lemmy, increasing the post on your end would be a great first step to fix the issue.

You’re right, i am equally to blame. But thats why i still use reddit, because i like to lurk.
Ive commented more on here than i have on reddit over multiple years

Thats rad, but I’m not trying to be a dick at all. I’m quite active as I want to see Lemmy do well and the fact everytime someone says something about a lack of threads their account is also a lurker. Regardless, glad you’re here and getting down with comments for sure!

Oh dont worry, thats not how i took at all! Just pointing out that i know im not helping :')

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