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They’re changing how Affiliates and Partners get paid and how they’re allowed to stream on Twitch. And they still have a 50/50 payout split as opposed to the 70/30 split that several partners have been asking for.

I very much like the community aspect of TikTok; is there anyone working on a Fediverse alternative to it? Or perhaps adding its features to PeerTube?

Understandable lol. But yeah, Skull and Shackles is pretty complete and if anything, the server is always open for questions

I assume you mean conversion lol. I joined a Discord server set up for converting old PF1E APs to 2E, and one of their members have published conversions for all of the books

I’m currently GMing a campaign of Skull & Shackles (a Pathfinder 1E campaign) in Pathfinder 2E and my players and I are having a blast

As a plural person here on Beehaw, thank you for posting this on here! Not a lot of people know about the different ways one can be plural (and the lack thereof of said knowledge is what prevented me from knowing about my own plurality)

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From what I remember, it had to do with the moderating decisions of the person behind Tildes.

I joined the Beehaw instance a bit ago with a small exodus from Tildes, another Reddit alternative. It’s been nice to see the community grow and grow steadily as time progressed, and seeing the Reddit refugees makes me hopeful for the platform’s strength going into the future regardless of what Reddit does with its API (or other features).

As for the toxic side of Reddit, I’m more concerned for the devs in having to deal with the reports, but as a Reddit mod myself, I don’t think it’ll be too bad. At least on Beehaw we have a supportive community and I’m reminded of a video talking about the userbase of the early UseNet and how they dealt with the first spammer (not necessarily their methods, but the fact that they rose up as a community to enforce a community rule). Hopefully we can see that here (i.e. “the report button exists”).

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  • Undertale
  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
  • Detroit: Become Human

Is not the flagship instance? Or is it just one of the larger ones?

I’m personally using Kubuntu because a lot of programs I like are built for Ubuntu already and while I’m fine with messing with building from source for some things, for most, I like my binaries prebuilt on a distro package service. Also I like KDE Plasma.

Thank you! This’ll be my third Pride overall and I’m excited to share it with him 😊

I have played a little bit of VR but since I have an Oculus Rift (not a Rift S, a Rift) and I switched from Windows to Linux, I can’t play any of my games. I’d love to sell my Rift to get a Quest, but I don’t think I’ll get much for it anyway, let alone be able to sell it in the first place. That is unless I want to write a Linux-based driver for the thing.

Tbh the only reason I even use Reddit anymore is to interact with an RP sub.

I second this one noting CGPGrey’s video about how having Wednesday as an off day is a good idea

I have several Reddit accounts, all for several reasons. I still somewhat interact with the site but I mostly just use it to view stuff and aggregate all of the communities I actually want to see content from. Plus I’m just lazy and haven’t seen an actual reason to delete my account(s).