Make sure you have “undetermined” selected in your language settings
Please make sure you have "undetermined" selected in your list of spoken languages in your lemmy settings. Most lemmy content does not come through with a language tag, and you need to have undermined selected as an option to see that content.

What’s your current project?
Hi, so, not really sure what rules if any []( has in mind for this community. But just delete this thread if it's against them, no worries. With that out of the way, I thought it might be fun for us all to share a bit about our current project(s), along with anywhere people can find devlogs or demos or whatever else. Sounds like a typical self-promo thread? Maybe. And maybe that's not allowed. But I have no horse in this race, my only "game" is currently a very janky prototype and my devlog channel exists only in my mind. I can't get enough of other people's devlogs and love to discover new interesting sounding projects, so here we are lol. Wotcha making?

Am I the only one who doesn’t have a “dream game”?
Ok so I watch a lot of devlog videos, and talk to a lot of wannabe devs on Discord (definitely not using "wannabe" as an insult there, it applies to me too!) and there's this concept of a dream game that keeps coming up. I've been playing video games since the 1980s and yeah, there are always improvements I'd love to one day see in every genre I play. But this idea of having a specific dream game is just entirely foreign to me. There are way too many possibilities to have just one dream! My first attempt at a real game, I quickly found out it was going to be way too big and way too far above my current skill level. So I just...dropped it. Yeah I might go back one day, it would make for a cool game, but beyond that I'm not super attached. So basically my question is, how common is this attitude among game devs? Do you all have a specific dream "one day" game in the back of your mind? Or maybe you're already working on it? Or are you like me and you just enjoy making games in general?

US East Coast Smoke Sucks
I like having the window open during the night to provide white noise, and last week was actually some nice weather. This week that isn't possible due to the smoke :(

Do you work alone or in a team?
If you work alone did you ever think about working together with others and if so why aren't you doing so now?

“Whats your gender?” “Undetermined!”
now that ive got the language issue sorted out, tis time for a proper hewwo :3 this instance seems fun, gonna enjoy lurkin here uwu

What are folks using PKMS for?
I recently used linked thinking in Obsidian to do some critical meme analysis for therapy. It was a good exercise in creating index notes, e.g. a meme crossing over Marvel and The Good Place wouldn't fit in a folder for either one.

Help getting Calckey to speak to lemmy?
New to the Fediverse and trying to get my own Calckey instance set up, but I'm having trouble following lemmy instances. I can search, say, '', and it shows up, but when I click the button to follow, it just spins on Processing... forever. Other flavours seem to work -- Masto, etc. Is there some trick I'm missing, or do they just not play nicely together?

A really nasty post that should be moderated
Well not really but I'm trying things out.

All Tomorrows: the future of humanity?
A story exploring the fate of humanity millions of years in the future. Masterful mixture of art, fantasy, and subtle social commentary. One of the most interesting 40 minutes I've spent on YouTube.

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Growing Solidarity Movement Demands End To US War On Cuba
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Quick question: I wrote [a comment]( on a post hosted at, and it shows up here, but when I check on [ itself](, my comment is not visible. Did I do something wrong, or is there a technical reason that my comment is not going through? I do see posts and comments from others from this instance at…

Blahaj Lemmy User Growth
This is the growth of our lemmy instance, without any advertising or spruiking. It was spun up as a test more than anything else, but it seems that it has become more than that! Even though the graph shows the growth spike from April to June, in reality it's even more stark than that. We have gone from 20 users to 100 users in a week! We'll be spinning up a kbin instance soon too, and when we do, we might shut down registration on the lemmy instance. We'll keep them up for now though, given the load on from reddit migrations ![]( Image descriptive text: A screenshot of a graph from showing user growth for It shows 20 users in April, and 100 users in June

A question about this instance
So, dunno if this is a instance thing, lemmy, or just fediverse in general, but im havin trouble subscribin to communities on other instances. for example, ! returns a 404, while ! loads as expected. is this expected?