Reddit perma-banning account promoting Lemmy has Streisand effect
As Reddit's enshittification reaches new heights their attempts to suppress attention for alternatives, like federated Lemmy, has the opposite effect as this Hacker News discussion shows. down?
I have been trying to get access to my feed for most of the day, and I am just getting timed out messages and no feeds. Anyone else part of this instance? Can you confirm if it is alive. I really like calckey but the stability has me thinking about switching back to vanilla Mastodon.

Which Mastodon instance would allow RSS News feed?
I'm not sure if there is news for music so I thought I might as well as set it up if there isn't any.

If you have thoughts on the direction of the Discourse ActivityPub plugin, they are working on phase 2 of the specification now and are requesting feedback:
If you have thoughts on the direction of the Discourse ActivityPub plugin, they are working on phase 2 of the specification now and are requesting feedback: []( [metadata for community reach [#Dicsourse]( [#Fediverse]( [#FediDev]( [#MastoDev]( [#Lemmy]( [#Pixelfed]( [#Peertube]( [#Pleroma]( [@fediverse]( [@fediversereport](]

could we mirror reddit?
What's stopping us from using the api to post all of reddit here in a massive one-time merger? Obviously the Lemmy devs would have to do it, but would there be legal issues? I think it would solve most of the problems with Lemmy, really.

how do I link to my community in comments?
Hi all, In reddit, I used to use /r/watercolor How can I link to the 'watercolor' community here in lemmy? Thank you

Apple made Mastodon guide
Is Apple going to make a Mastodon server? I think that'd be pretty cool. In Apple fashion, it would require an app only available on iPhone and Mac, and this app wouldn't be able to connect to third party instances. But it would move like half the US to Mastodon, which would be great.

ELI5 How to link Pixelfed and Calckey
Hi there! I am pretty new to the Fediverse, spinning up an account on Mastodon in November of last year, moving to Calckey about 1.5 months ago. I do photography, which I share on Calckey, but I thought I would also go into Pixelfed. I believe you can follow accounts / link them somehow from both services. However whenever I search for my Pixelfed account on Calckey, it cannot find the user. Or am I just completely misunderstanding how it works. I created my pixelfed account on, and I actually follow a few people from that instance on my Calckey account, which is when I got very confused.

what was your first exposure to the fediverse?
Mine was either mastodon or matrix. I got into both at the same time. What are some other fediverse sites for beginners?

Who helps organize the next Fediverse conference?
You can help by boosting my toot, but when offering help, the [SocialHub forum discussion]( is the best place to do so.

What Peertube instance or accounts to follow? [@fediverse]( What are your recommendations to have funny or interesting video content on Fediverse. Preferably on peertube.

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  • 4d
What do we call the Lemmy/Kbin Universe?
The lemmyverse sounds perfect, but it ignores alternatives like kbin etc. It would be better if we didn't end up with the situation we have with Mastodon where people assume Mastodon is the fediverse. So, what do we call this little niche in the fediverse? Communiverse? FediGroups? #lemmy #kbin #fediverse #communiverse #FediGroups

Mastodon federation & reinstallation
So, I experimented with running a mastodon instance on another domain. Due to issues with the "cache" directory actually requiring persistence, and thus somehow making all custom emojis 404, I decided to wipe it and try a different fediverse server on that domain. I didn't know about or expect to need to run `tootctl self-destruct`, so I dropped the database and installed something else. I still have the instance key around, but I realize I should have unsubscribed/deleted all accounts first. Is my other domain now broken permanently for the fediverse? Can I somehow use the extant instance key to unbreak it? I can't find clear documentation of the mastodon cryptosystem, and if it's permanent, this feels like a denial-of-service vector more than a security feature...

Lack of lemmy HTTP AI documentation
I can only find the documentation for the NPM packages, which i do not want to use. Is there any other documentation on just the HTTP API?

Developer of RedReader (a reddit app with 100k downloads on play store) is considering porting it to Lemmy or Mastodon
The content of the reddit post: >Hey everyone, I just had another call with Reddit and wanted to share what I've heard, even though I haven't made any concrete decisions yet on how to proceed. (Previous update >They confirmed to me the new cost of 3rd party apps accessing the site, which is exactly what the Apollo dev revealed -- for every 50 million requests they want $12,000. >They won't be making exceptions for free apps. >The Apollo dev (/u/iamthatis) estimated that the new pricing would cost him $20m per year. I raised this with Reddit -- they said that his calculations were "totally wrong", but they were unable to discuss why. Given that the Apollo dev literally just multiplied the cost by the number of requests, I have trouble seeing how this could be wrong. >I did some back-of-envelope calculations, and the equivalent cost for RedReader could be something like $1 million per year. Since I don't track users it's hard to get an exact figure. >Most of the conversation focused on the ridiculously high cost. They said that they didn't think the costs were high, but were in fact "on parity" with the rest of the non-third-party-app userbase. This contadicts the public calculations by the Apollo dev, who estimates that they are charging more than 20x an optimistic estimate of their typical per-user revenue. >I raised the question of why paid API users will be unable to access NSFW content, whereas other users will have access to all content, meaning that those paying the most for access will be treated as second class citizens. They said that they were unable to discuss the reasons for this. >They reiterated that their goal "isn't to kill 3rd party apps" -- in fact, they said they were "confused" by claims that they want to do that, and that if they wanted to kill off those apps, there would be "literally nothing stopping them" just doing it directly. I pointed out that regardless of what their motives are, the end result is the same -- the apps will be killed off. >Also, I have previously pointed out their dependence on the community doing free work for them (creating and moderating content), and how the users who contribute in that way are the ones most likely to be using 3rd party apps. I don't get the impression that this bothers them -- it all seems to come down to revenue. >I've raised the point of accessibility with them, as I've heard from many blind users that use RedReader due to how it's optimised for screen readers (thanks in part to the excellent work by /u/codeofdusk and other contributors). I'm waiting to hear back from them about this. >It's difficult to imagine any sustainable, official path forward with Reddit as a result of these changes, and personally I'm not at all inclined to invest any more of my time in their platform, or drive any more traffic to it. >Right now I'm considering the possibility of modifying the app to connect to a Reddit alternative such as Lemmy or Mastodon. There would be something very satisfying about some of the bigger Reddit apps driving their userbase to alternative sites too, and if this helped one of those platforms gain traction then that would be a step in the right direction. >Just a quick note on some of the other possibilities: >Charge a subscription to use RedReader: I have been considering this as a possibility, however due to the incredibly high pricing, and the fact that only the most dedicated (and costly) users with the highest usage would sign up, I think this would quickly become unsustainable. >Everyone uses their own personal developer key: It's too early to know whether this will be a realistic option. From what I've seen, Reddit may be turning developer signups into a manual process where each user would need to message them and get approval. Also it's likely they'd crack down on this if they knew it was happening. >Scrape the website rather than use the API: This is possible and there's plenty of legal precedent that it would be fine, however it's an extremely high-maintenance approach that means we'll forever be playing a cat-and-mouse game with Reddit. I suspect that even if I don't go down this route, someone else will eventually fork the app and do it anyway! >I haven't made any concrete decisions yet, but I'll keep you all updated. I read every message on the previous thread, and really appreciate all the support and feedback.

How do I mute/block annoying hashtags? I went into my settings menu and filtered out [#AnnoyingPhrase]( should I not have used the #? Is there something else I should do? [@fediverse](

looking to branch out anything you can recommend?
All I need is a fediverse site that: Supports android and is not image focused. I'm looking for something that isn't like pixelfed I'm already using mastodon and Lemmy. Any recommendations?

How do you see the integration of link-aggregation and microblogging?
Thinking about the future where Microblogging and link-aggregation sites on the fediverse have grown, how do you see them integrating? It's a bit one-directional right now since I don't think Lemmy has the concept of following people or #topics outside of Lemmy, but mastodon users can follow Lemmy communities and the posts and comments show up fairly nicely. Do you think the ability to combine those two domains in one interface (even the same timeline) is useful at all? I'm envisioning a content creator posting a video on peertube and being posted to one of the link-aggregator instances and people commenting on it via Mastodon and all of the comments being able to reference each other no matter where they were posted. I think that's pretty amazing compared to what we have now where you're conversation is basically stuck where it was started on the traditional services.

Which Fediverse software would you recommend for long-form blog posts or photo hosting?
I am wondering about the different fediverse software options and what would be best for various usecases. Currently, I run a Mastodon and a Lemmy instance that is mostly just for myself, which is great for doing microblogging and link-aggregation/replacing Reddit. In the past I've also used various blog platforms for long-form text posts (documentation/guides), and to host some photography pics. It feels like Mastodon isn't a good option for hosting long-form content (most instances have 500 char limits lol), nor would it be the best for trying to create a photo space akin to Instagram. What software options would you recommend for either long-form blog posts or photo hosting? I know Pixelfed is an option (that I am looking into hosting), but is there a good blog option? I think calckey can host pages and galleries, so it might be a good all-in-one solution? I'm not really sure. p.s. If I export my content from Mastodon, shut down the instance, then bring up an instance of Calckey with the same domain/username, am I going to break things?

What are some good NSFW instances?
TIL that Reddit is banning smaller porn subreddits and aren't allowing users to claim them in redditrequest to make way for their eventual ban on NSFW content. So I'm looking for NSFW alternatives in any Fediverse platform.

what sites make up the fediverse?
I know about mastodon and Lemmy, are there and other alternatives to bug sites in the fediverse?

There’s a word to describe anyone who still uses Twitter by choice (and isn’t from a marginalised community): Complicit.
There's a word to describe anyone who still uses Twitter by choice (and isn't from a marginalised community): Complicit. [@fediverse]( [@technology]( [#twitter]( [#ElonMusk]( [#trans]( [#Fediverse](

Single-User instances on the Fediverse?
I've set up a couple of single-user instances of fediverse apps (Mastodon, Lemmy). With Lemmy, I can post/comment to any community/thread I want that is federated, but I can't seem to do that with Mastodon. With that being the case, how does the content I post on Mastodon get shown to people on other instances (I know replying works differently). I feel like any top-level post I make on my instance is basically like shouting into the void, correct? Also, if I were to set up a Pixelfed instance, would I have the same problem where my content doesn't get shown to anyone (except those that follow me?)

Lemmy the Fediverse alternative to Reddit is having his moment of glory, but it takes the help of the whole Fediverse to make this magical moment become the beginning of a new era!
Lemmy the Fediverse alternative to Reddit is having his moment of glory, but it takes the help of the whole Fediverse to make this magical moment become the beginning of a new era! [@fediverse]( [\#Reddit]('s API policies for third-party apps are causing a small exodus of users to what is now its most functional alternative: [#Lemmy]( In the last 48 hours, the Italian instance has had the registrations they usually have in two months, **[but it seems that this is a generalized phenomenon](**! Now we need to make those users stay. How can we do it? Here we need help from all over the Fediverse and above all we need the [#mastohelp]( of the largest community in the [#Fediverse](! In fact, Reddit users feel comfortable there, not only due to its ergonomics, but also due to the liveliness of the subreddits and the number of threads; the problem is that Lemmy users are a fraction of those of Reddit: how will they be able to guarantee a vitality comparable to that of Reddit? **But this is exactly where the Fedeverse comes into play!** In fact, even without subscribing to Lemmy, Mastodon, Friendica, Pleroma, Misskey and even Pixelfed users can comment and open threads on the Lemmy communities. Here is a simple explanation of how to write a post about a Lemmy community: ``` Introductory text of the message (less than 200 characters and possibly without hashtags or mentions) which will become the title of the thread as you will see it on Lemmy Community mention Additional text (with any hashtags and other mentions) that will become the text of the post as seen on Lemmy Any additional mentions for Friendica groups/forums Link to the article (let's remember that Lemmy is basically an alternative to Reddit, which is basically a news aggregator) Any attached images ``` Many of the current Fediverse users landed on Mastodon when Musk switched Twitter, and stayed mostly because they found the environment enjoyable and inspiring; **now it would be perfect if they could help the "refugees" of Reddit by creating an inspiring environment on Lemmy!** **If you want a list of global communities, you can take a look here: [](** **And if you want to support the Lemmy development project you can go to this page [](** THANK YOU! ---------- > *PS: to all the Italian enthusiasts who are reading this post, we remind you that the Friendica instance has set up, together with the Italian site [@lealternative](, the Lemmy instance []( > [If you want to help us with server fees, you can do so here](* cc [@fediversenews](

Understanding the fediverse
Hello all! Came to Lemmy from Reddit as I wanted to be a part of helping the fediverse & Lemmy grow. As someone mentioned on here "**be the change you want to see**". So here I am! However I'd like to fully understand the fediverse so I can explain it to others and help them join. I understand the concept of the fediverse but what I'm struggling with is the instance part. I know an instance is a spun up server, and I'm assuming it's a copy of the lemmy source code, for example, which means it is its own contained version of Lemmy. This instance sets it's rules, creates its own sub communities etc. You join the instance that relates to you the most. But does that mean you can only post in that instance? I know you can follow users etc from another instance, but you can't post in their instance without migrating your account there? Is this the same for mastadon, where you can read / follow users, but cannot post? The example im thinking of is say there is a sub community on your instance for gardening, but you find out another instance has a bigger, more involved sub community for gardening. You want to participate there, that would mean you need to join that instance to do so? Would that mean multiple accounts for multiple instances? If there is a handy FAQ, or a video, that helps explain this that would be great! Really excited to be a part of this and looking forward to understanding it better.

Looking for an entry to the Fediverse that’s made for a single user. Preferably Reddit/Lemmy-like.
I'm hosting and running a Lemmy just for myself, and am having no problem with it. Lemmy is great. But I'm looking to branch out, and see what else exists out there.

whos gonna be the first to livestreem (on [@owncast]( or [@pixelfed]( writing a [#FEP]( and submitting it to [@feps](! [meta: [#fediverse]( [@fediverse](]

What's the best way to get feedback from—and have discussions with—#Pinetta's community of interest? []( [#AskFedi]( [#CommunityBuilding]( cc [@fediversenews](

Tonight I'm introducing a new Calckey Plugin (my first release)! The Highlighter Plugin will take a specific word or short phrase and highlight it throughout your timelines. You can customize the colors and turn a sparkle effect off or on.

How would your perfect fediverse software be like?
As long as it doesn't already exist.

cross-posted from: > Today, we are taking the first step in building out an initiative to create opportunities for people to help build the Fediverse and create an organizational structure which can allow developers to coordinate their efforts where most needed. > > We call upon anyone with both the skills and motivation to join us and the Guild we are starting, Guild Alpha. Read the announcement linked to learn more and find out how you can participate! > > > If anything discussed here has your interest or you want to help grow free-software and the Fediverse, fill out this [form]( to let us know! > >

Too much porn on Pixelfed
Hello everybody. I've been browsing the Fediverse for a few months now and I'm loving it but there's a not-that-small issue I'm having with Pixelfed So basically every time i go into my federated timeline I always end up seeing PLENTY of literal porn (not artistic nude, i'm talking of fully fledged porn) EVERYWHERE. Is there a way I can disable it? I don't want to force block every post maked as nsfw even because sometimes not-nsfw posts get marked as nsfw for some reason I'm using in an Italian instance called Some help wold be highly appreciated 🙏 Thanks in advance!

Why isn't anyone talking about this? It looks like Meta wants to compete with Twitter with a new Instagram microblogging app which will probably be compatible with Mastodon Key Point of the article: > *“Soon, our app will be compatible with certain other apps like Mastodon,” Instagram’s slide says. “Users on these other apps will be able to search for, follow and interact with your profile and content if you’re public, or if you’re private and approve them as followers.” * [The Verge - This is Instagram’s new Twitter competitor](

The Best Mastodon Apps for 2023
"Escape the tyranny of Twitter with the best apps for Mastodon, a decentralized and free social media platform." [@maxeddy]( tried 18 Mastodon apps on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows

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