Telegram -> Fediverse bridge
[@fediverse]( I thought that this was interesting as I use Telegram a lot. [GitHub - autogestion/pubgate-telegram: Extension for PubGate, Telegram \<-\> ActivityPub bridge](

Reminder that there are 2 mental health communities available at your disposal to accommodate multip
I have created two specific mental health communities, one for positive and/or constructive discussion of mental health and wellness, and one to provide an outlet for people's unpleasant/destructive thoughts (sometimes voicing them will help temporarily quiet them if you are in acute distress). [Mental Health]( | [Void Screaming]( They won't cure you, but social support is an integral part of a well rounded mental-health treatment and wellness plan, and you deserve to have access to them in a federated/decentralized and non-monetized space. Cheers!

Welcome to another episode of Last Week in the Fediverse! The major theme of this week is news around technical infrastructure. experiences a DDoS attack, Twitter shuts down free access to the API, Stanford is called on by the community to start their own Mastodon server, and new tools get released with some interesting implications on the capabilities of the fediverse. Before we start: I prefer to write little about Twitter. Its already enough in the news as it is, with other publications covering it very well. Today I do cover it, but only the implications that this has on the fediverse, which turn out to be pretty significant. Lets get started!

New Calckey flagship instance and new Calckey release
cross-posted from: > Calckey just released version 13.1, but far more interestingly, it coincides with a new flagship instance for Calckey, [](! > > […]( > > [\#Calckey]( [#Fediverse]( [#Microfedi]( > > [@calckey](

Friendica contact discovery question
A question for the Friendica admins out there on the fediverse. What do you normally set your contact directory discovery to? Our is set to "local contacts" but when the importer workers hit profiles with 10's of thousands of apps, the workers just seem to hit a wall. I'm assuming they will get through the process eventually, but something like SignalApp, with 30K followers has been sitting at the front of the queue for nearly 3 hours now I could turn of contact discovery, but I'm not sure what impact that would have? Would turning it off lower the quality of contact suggestions, or is that information still available via the external directory server? [\#friendica]( [#FediAdmin]( [@friendica]( [@fediverse]( hit by a DDoS attack
cross-posted from: > ![](

I'm excited about about a more CMS-like approach to a fediverse server, especially one that leans on #IndieWeb building blocks.

Fediverse is like email
It would be nice with a search engine made with decentralization in mind. Like the internet is decentralized but the good search engines are at centralised companies like Google etc.

Wanted: RSS reader for Social Media-feeds - recommendations?
Again and again it is mentioned as an elementary advantage of Mastodon & Co. that ActivityPub-feeds are accessible from everywhere thanks to RSS. That's true - but I don't have the right reader for such a purpose. I would like to have a doomscrolling-timeline for all the services that are accessible via RSS, not an article-reader like RSS clients usually are - with previews, open article, etc. Is there an app like '[Fritter](' that not only allows access to Twitter, but also to follow accounts via Nitter, Mastodon, PeerTube, etc. etc.? Can be for Android or Windows...

Mastodon founder has a message for Elon Musk

I’ve wanted full RSS feeds for several Mastodon instances for ages. They can be particularly useful for small instances (aka communities) with slow posting velocity

Ivory and, not yet
"As Mastodon becomes more popular, it’s important that stays true to its blogging roots and unique take on social media, rather than shifting to be a Twitter or Mastodon clone. We don’t need a monoculture with all apps looking exactly the same."

Russian trolls are trying to get Ukrainian instance defederated from the Fediverse
[@fediverse]( ♲ […](

Stork (pleroma-bot)
Mirror your favorite Twitter accounts in the Fediverse, so you can follow their updates from the comfort of your favorite instance. Or migrate your own to the Fediverse using a Twitter archive.

t1c of Calckey is considering hosting a Fedicon in early 2024 at the Los Angeles Convention Center
Even if it doesn't happen, I really wanna see more of this. The meta culture of fedi should seek to become evermore potent. Especially now that it's popping off.

Indymedia In The Fediverse? · by Bix Frankonis
There’s a great look back at the heyday of Indymedia from Todd Wolfson and Malav Kanuga for Logic Magazine. I wanted here to highlight two paragraphs in particular as it navigates from that era to today’s (over)reliance upon platform social media.

Fedistar - Multi-column Mastodon and Pleroma client for desktop
Author of Whalebird, Mastodon desktop client, started a new project Fedistar Code : Don't like to read Medium ? Use

Adding comments to your static blog with Mastodon
Seems to use the Mastodon API though.

Is there any fediverse platform with an algorithmic/viral design?
Even if it's opt-in. There are times when I'd rather see a summary of what's been going on instead of doom scrolling to find something interesting.

Apparently Buffer is pretty big in "social media professionals" circles.

How can I repost a post from Mastodon on Pleroma?
I have tried visiting the user from Pleroma but I didn't found the same post there. So what else can I do? Is there a way to visit the post directly from Pleroma having found it in Mastodon?

Sounds like a massive release. [Full change log here](, but it is partially in Japanese.

The Fediverse: A Writer’s Playground
An article posted on (cough) Medium, but consider to use if you want to read distraction free.

Friendica 2023.01 released
[FRIENDICA 2023.01 RELEASED]( ---------- Christian Pöschl from usd AG has found another XSS vulnerability in Friendica which is closed with this hotfix release of Friendica. In addition some other bugfixes for the distribution of forum postings and improvements to the update process of node information are included in this release. For details, please the **[CHANGELOG](** file in the repository. [LINK](

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