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“I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned” – Rich Feynman

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Oh, dang, guess the names made me assume they were related. Thanks for clearing it up!

The Aptera Solar EV is all about right to repair! 80% of all maintenance can be done with an allen wrench! You can also change out any of the components you see fit to alter. Sooo cool!!

Growing Solidarity Movement Demands End To US War On Cuba
This May Day, youth activists from the United States traveled to Cuba to learn about the revolution and to show their solidarity with the struggle against US imperialism. Clearing the FOG spoke with Calla Walsh of the US-based National Network on Cuba about the trip and about the campaign to remove Cuba from the ‘state sponsor of terrorism’ list, which President Biden recently renewed. Additionally, members of Congress are pushing the FORCE Act, which would make it harder for Cuba to be removed from the list. Days of action are planned in Washington, DC at the end of June to demand that the United States stop its illegal economic blockade of Cuba.

Leaked Video Proves DeSantis Using Immigrants As Political Stunt
Republican lawmakers in Florida held an emergency meeting this week where they BEGGED immigrants to stay in the state. The state is about to experience massive economic pain thanks to Ron DeSantis’ recent bill targeting migrant workers in Florida.

The whole issue stems around the president not having any agenda and just playing it all by ear. I’m all about ending fossil fuel subsidies, but subsides should be setup for alternative fuels at the very least, especially for the biggest country in Africa.

I already have my setup block all non essential cookies, but having FF handle it for anyone not using a similar setup seems like a great move to me

Sure, but being that the US occupied Haiti from 1915 to 1934 as “the United States had been interested in controlling Haiti in the decades following its independence from France” means they took over after France granted Haiti independence. Yet, the U.S. also retained influence on Haiti’s external finances until 1947. Both of these aspects have impacted modem day Haiti much more than France’s occupation, without question.

I’d hope, but the media does a great job of providing stories daily for folks to despise, so hopefully it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle…

Proton Calendar works well for this, only thing is you’ll need their unlimited 2 year package for ~$200. Comes with 10 VPN connections, upgraded simplelogin account, shared calendar, 500GB of enceyed cloud storage and many email perks.

Early-Career NIH Researchers Forming Union For First Time
Push for better pay and benefits among US scientists arrives at world’s largest biomedical funder.

Toxins are made naturally while poisons can be both natural or synthetic. These are toxins as they have natural origins as far as I understand it.

Poison’s and toxins are somewhat different, but both have a range of severity, meaning both are dose dependent. Toxins, both exotoxins and endotoxins, are prodcued by living organisms while poisons are more broad and include being both natural and synthetic. A toxin is a poison but a poison isn’t always a toxin. Both cause harm to varying degrees nonetheless, which comes down to a handful of factors like body mass, tolerance, and dose.

I’m all about it! Great to see a platform take off when it’s centered around being ad free and open sourced.

Thing about heavy metals is the accumulation aspect. Any toxic material centers around the dose taken. But when the material is very difficult for the body to remove, the negative impacts become a bigger and bigger issue. Unknowing intake of these toxins is the problem as this can lead to life altering disorders.

Study Finds Toxic Metals In Most Popular US Drinks
New studies have found that the most popular drinks in America contain alarming levels of toxic heavy metals that can cause all sorts of problems within the human body. And, as usual, the regulatory agencies aren’t doing anything about it and they’re actually saying that it isn’t a big deal.

Invidious servers which permit downloading tend to have ~130k audio only mp4’s files available

It’ll be nasty, that’s for sure, hope it’s at least quick too. Quick and nasty isn’t soo bad, right?

UntrackMe from F-Droid is big for me, converts YT, Reddit, Twitter, GoogleMaps, and other similar links to a privacy respecting alternative.

OSS Weather is great too, it’s OSM’s weather app which is simple to use and tends to be very accurate.

Especially since eveyone & their moms now uses a VPN, setting up an encrypted & no log DNS connection is vital for privacy!

Anything to slow down those standing up for what’s right, I guess … At least there’s still some people who move based on logic, unfortunately even this is a toss up for a judge these days.

Why There Should Be a Treaty Against the Use of Weaponized Drones
One of the favorite weapons of war of the 21st century has turned out to be weaponized unmanned aerial vehicles. With these automated aircraft, human operators can be tens of thousands of miles away watching from cameras onboard the plane. No human must be on the ground to verify what the operators think they see from the plane, which may be thousands of feet above. As a result of imprecise data analysis by the drone operators, thousands of innocent civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Gaza, Ukraine and Russia have been slaughtered by the Hellfire missiles and other munitions triggered by the drone operators. Innocent civilians attending wedding parties and funeral gatherings have been massacred by drone pilots. Even those coming to aid victims of a first drone strike have been killed in what is called “double tap.”

Linux Lite is worth a look, it’s designed for old machines as well as folks moving over from Windows.

Edit: Porteus is another good lightweight distro to checkout. It’s light enough to run off a USB but can also be installed on the hard disk. It has KDE, Xfce and Cinnamon environment options too.

I’d bet the reason it’s not required is because it’s not mentioned in the 2nd amendment

Deaf, But Not Blind On United State’s Decline
In Fiona Hill’s recent speech, it’s possible to detect the very faint signals of Washington’s policy elite responding to the immense global power shift that is underway. I count the advance among non–Western nations toward what we now call a new world order the single most momentous development of our time.

With KDE any telemetry is opt in only, so by default there’s zero telemetry

KDE or bust in my book, zero telemetry by default is how all software should be setup!

Thanks for the breakdown, I’ll be sure to stay away from Converso! You should 100% check out DataBag. It’s my current favorite as its pretty much selfhosted signal. Except without the need for phone numbers and while decentralized, it can be federated too. Definitely my current favorite up and comer in the messaging world

https://searx.thegpm.org is working on my end. So at least this instance is working. I’d assume it’s those instances or possibly a browser issue

Hopefully this catches like wild fire and we see similar movement in country’s across the globe!

It’s a demonstration the idea is on the rise and well accepted in the younger generations. That’s what I got from it at least

There’s antibodies as well as the enzymes being produced too, both should lead to advances in immunology and biochemistry. As rough as some aspects of modern life can be, science always improving on whats known is damn cool and fascinating!

I understand the wealth gap variance between the US and most other countries, but if spending is soo much lower around the world, why does the US constantly spend absolutely obscene amounts of money on it? The country as a whole appears to be devolving into a medieval like society. The rich are few and have no worries whatsoever, while their employees worry about what they’ll eat for dinner, where they’ll sleep next month, as well as if it’s the day they’ll be killed by a completely random stranger.

Regardless how the figures are presented, the US citizens need attention. Yet the governments focus couldn’t be further from offering aid at home. Seemingly they value ensuring elsewhere is worse off more than anything else. Its demented from where I’m standing. Hopefully I’m wrong and the government will come to the aid of the people, but I won’t hold my breath while we wait to see.

I recently heard about Databag. It’s a decentralized and federated end to end encrypted messaging service. It could help with the issue. As long as you have or know someone who could run a node on some server space or even a rasberry pi

Interesting, I work at a public university as well and I’m currently doing research surrounding how to decrease the D.W.F. rates in early molecular biology courses. The increase over the last decade in hours worked per student is upsetting. On average, students at my University are working 30 hours each week. This is to stay afloat but prevents them from taking a full course load. Without a full course load, no aid is available. Additionally, the amount of applications for aid, or even for Yale and Harvard, vs the amount of funding which can be provided prevents many in need from attaining help. Someone from a rich family who went to a college prep school compared to a student currently working through the public school system puts the latter at a large disadvantage. Sure, they could pay nothing to attend Yale, but first they must be accepted. Acceptance 100% favors the wealthier applicant who’s family put them in markedly better accademic settings, right?

TLDR: An asteroid doesn’t seem to be the cause of the dinosaurs going extinct. The asteroid defintely occurred, yet it seems like the Jurassic extinction was years afterwards while the nuclear winter seems to only have taken place briefly. By focusing on mean temperature and bacterial cell morphology post the asteroid, our current understanding would impact everything from dino’s to microbes yet microbes we’re thriving years after the impact. Current idea’s are revolving around a volcano in India being the cause of extinction, but more research is needed to confirm.