How do I see posts/communities from non-lemmy instances?
I've seen users from mastodon and friendica comment on lemmy posts, but I've never seen posts from instances running non lemmy software show up in my feed. Is this a consequence of different software handling federation differently?

Error while attempting to install from scratch: failed to compile lemmy_server v0.17.0
I'm trying to set up Lemmy on my VPS. The server is running Ubuntu 22.04, and is currently hosting several websites, including a Calckey instance. As such, I already have nginx set up as a reverse proxy, and PostgreSQL installed and in use . After attempting to fiddle haphazardly with docker-compose.yml with little success, I stumbled across a post from someone in a similar position to me, who was advised to try installing Lemmy from scratch. So far, I've installed Rust successfully, updated Postgres to version 15.2, and overcome a few hiccups by updating build-essentials, and installing protobuf-installer, but I've now hit a roadblock during compilation. The command I'm using to compile is, taken from the instructions, `cargo install lemmy_server --target-dir /usr/bin/ --locked --features embed-pictrs`. It successfully compiles a long list of components, but it trips over `lemmy_server v0.17.0`, spitting out the following error: ``` Compiling lemmy_db_schema v0.17.0 error: proc macro panicked --> /root/.cargo/registry/src/ | 152 | pub const MIGRATIONS: EmbeddedMigrations = embed_migrations!(); | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ | = help: message: Failed to receive migrations dir from None error: could not compile `lemmy_db_schema` due to previous error error: failed to compile `lemmy_server v0.17.0`, intermediate artifacts can be found at `/usr/bin/` ``` I know the instructions for this are a bit dated (as is the version it's trying to install), and that you're not really supporting this install method, but I was hoping someone might be feeling generous and could point me in the general direction that I need to head from here. Or, better yet, if there's now a way to get the docker setup to work with my existing services. Thanks in advance for any amount of help any of y'all can provide.

lemmy bug: hostnames in titles become http:// URLs
[Here]( is an example. I'm not so sure linkifying hostnames in titles is even a good idea (and I think it was only implemented recently) but if it's there it should make them into `https` URLs instead of `http`. also: the tooltip on the hostname link within the title shows the full URL which the rest of the title links to, instead of the hostname-only URL that the hostname part is linking to.

Why is doesn’t show up at join-lemmy?
I mean, when you want to find a server to join, sopuli used to be there, but now it's gone.

Mentions in comments
Why when I mention users with @, it don't generate mention in metadata, and said usertags aren't clickable. Like in Mastodon. For example: @winnie @winnie@lemmy.m For example here: Is it intended, or not yet implemented?

Lemmy continuously loads new (old) posts
I'm using in Tor Browser. Sometimes a little while (seconds) after loading the front page it will start loading old posts, often from a single seemingly random community, and then keep doing that indefinitely. My fan turns on and the page becomes unresponsive as new (old) posts are continually inserted at the top of the timeline.

How would an instance admin ‘sticky’ or ‘pin’ a post to the top of an instance’s feed?
I believe that I remember this being an added option with the Lemmy 0.17.2 release. However, I'm unable to find this option.

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Do reports federate?
If someone reports a user from another instance, does the report get federated to the instance from which the user is based? Bonus question, what about when the comment was made from a Lemmy platform like Mastodon?

Displaying wrong number of comments
I'm getting notifications for comments on a post I made saying there are 2 comments but only one was made. I also usually get 2 emails when someone comments or replies to me instead of just 1. ![]( ![](

Count of comments is incorrectly increased by editing a comment on a separate instance
[I commented on a thread from]( . Even though my comment is the only one the count of the comments on lemmy is 8: ![]( I believe this is a bug caused by edits to the comment (on being counted as new comments on

Setup with existing nginx reverse proxy on another host?
Are there any instructions on how to do this? I have a new VM with docker for lemmy and another VM with nginx running, hosting I've had a go at lemmy but the lemmy container keep restarting, saying 'Error: LemmyError { message: None, inner: Address not available (os error 99), context: "SpanTrace" } ' Which variables do I need to change besides db and admin password? What do I fill in for LEMMY_EXTERNAL_HOST?

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Registered user list for admins?
Without digging around in the DB, is there a way for an admin to easily see registered users on an instance? I turned off admin approval for new accounts, and a few people have registered, but aside from the initial email, I have no easy way to see who they are or what their activity has been.

Lemmy dark mode?
I can't find the setting to change the Lemmy theme to dark mode, is it no longer available?

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block community button only appears when logged out?
for some reason the block community button only appears if im logged in and the hamburger menu on posts in the homepage doesnt open anything

Entire communities are empty and some post comments can’t be seen when I’m logged in as an admin.
When I'm logged out I can see everything as it's supposed to be. However, when I'm logged in as one of the admins of our instance, then there are entire communities that are empty and some post comments are not visible.

federated titles are being truncated to 100 characters [edit: already fixed upstream, probably]
Since the latest upgrade, posts federated from (and to!) other lemmy instances are having their titles on truncated to 100 characters. At first i thought this must be due to a different configured character limit on different instances, but then I noticed that (1) posts here on are still allowed to have longer titles (200 chars is the client side limit I see currently, at least) and (2) this is oddly happening here on also to posts made *by users* to remote instances. Compare these two posts from a user, which should have the same title: * "What’s a good tablet and touch screen oriented Linux distro or desktop environment? Can any of them compete with something like Android?" * "What’s a good tablet and touch screen oriented Linux distro or desktop environment? Can any of them" The second of those was posted to a remote community on lemmygrad, but by a user. Note that [the lemmygrad version of that same post]( does *not* have its title truncated. [Here]( is's truncated version of a post to a beehaw community from a beehaw user (and again, that title is not truncated in beehaw's copy of the post). tldr: afaict this problem is only occurring on's versions of posts in remote communities, and happens regardless of if the post was made via or not. edit: i guess probably [this recent commit]( from []( will fix it? but I'm still curious why this currently appears to be happening only on's versions of posts in remote communities (and in both directions). edit2: ok, i see it is actually happening elsewhere too, eg [the lemmygrad copy]( of the `/c/linux` tablet post above. So, I guess it is currently happening to any remote community anywhere, regardless of where the user posting from. 🤔 thanks []( for (presumably) fixing it already and sorry for the noise.

Will Pay To Install Lemmy with Pict-RS and Mail
I posted a little while ago that I was having trouble installing pict-rs. (Using Linode VPS with Yunohost install of Lemmy). I kept trying to figure things out and now it has all shit the bed. Is there anyone here that would take a small $40 payment to just get it up and running fully for me? (Hoping the database can still be saved, but if it can't not the worst.) #frustrated If $40 isn't enough let me know what's fair.

Can’t load comments or communities on Jerboa App
![]( ![](

Trouble installing pict-rs
I'm only moderately literate with Linux so I could use some help. I'm running my Lemmy instance on a shared Linode VPS, with Lemmy being installed via YunoHost. It appears that neither pict-rs or a mail server are part of that install from what I can tell based up on how Lemmy is running for me. I've tried following the instructions on this page: I ran into some problems with docker-command not being found but I believe I've successfully installed docker but when I run this command: sudo apt install docker-compose I get this error: Pulling pictrs (asonix/pictrs:v0.4.0-beta.7)... ERROR: manifest for asonix/pictrs:v0.4.0-beta.7 not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown Any help appreciated. If you can Zoom with me, that would be even better. Thanks,

New version bugs - Language undetermined error, Subscribed/local/all not defaulting
If you haven't set a language in your profile and you try to post, the default option is "undetermined" and anything you try to reply/post will give you the unhelpful error of language_not_allowed. To an end user this doesn't provide any guidance on what happened or how to fix it. Similarly if you haven't set a new default since updating, going to the main page of an instance will show whatever your previously saved option was among the options subscribed, local, all but it will always show all (since that is what it defaults to on your profile).

How does the ‘purge community’ link function?
I'm assuming that this link is only available to instance admins? What, precisely, happens when this link is clicked?

Lemmy’s Join a server page is missing lots of instances
It's not just [Beehaw]( but several other instances are missing from the [Join a server page]( Was this caused by the bot/crawler not being updated to handle the new Lemmy version?

Should i follow the same official guide to install lemmy fork?
Please excuse my question it might be stupid, but i found a lemmy fork who supports RTL on github and i may install it for test, i want to check if i should follow the standard lemmy installation steps or i must do something lese?

Messed up the update to 0.17
Hello, I tried to update my instance but I forgot to read the release notes and used ansible to update. Of course it failed. After the update I decided to check what is new and I realized my mistake. I tried to run the postgress update script but it fails with the message ``` Error response from daemon: Container {container hash} is restarting, wait until the container is running ``` The logs say that the db hasn't been updated. I don't know what else to upload here to help troubleshooting. Thanks in advance!

What happened to blocked instances list?
Question prompted by the fact that I can see a post from exploding-heads dot com, an instance I thought both Lemmygrad and have blocked: ![]( So I check the allowed/blocked instances list to see whether it's still there, and the entire blocked list seems to be gone on both instances: ![]( ![](

![]( I wanna be back for develop another UI for Lemmy, which will look like modern Reddit, but better. Earlier i install lemmy with this guide: but now, devs made changes around nginx, so... i cant install Lemmy now. Docker sends me errors)) If you are interested in developing a new UI, please contact me, I need the help of people who understand the installation issue.

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Upgrade done, but post previous posts are spotty
We run our own instance, and just upgraded. After the upgrade, a bunch of the communities I have subscribed to on other lemmy instances aren't showing historic content that our instance was aware of before the upgrade. Also, approximately half of my subscribed communities were showing the subscription as pending, despite them not being pending prior to the upgrade Did we do something wrong, or is this a known issue?

Communities Are Boosting Old Deleted Posts
Since the upgrade to 0.17.0, I've been able to join communities from my Pleroma account, so big shout out to the dev team for that! But I've noticed a weird behavior where communities will boost random months old posts. [This post]( was made 9 months ago and has since been deleted but was federated to my server [here](

I can’t reach replies to my comments
Every time I'm clicking on a notification to see replies to my comments i'm getting the below message: 404: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'comment')

How did I block myself? (and also need help to unblock myself lol)
I checked out the blocks page of settings, and I apparently blocked myself at some point. I of course can't fix it myself.

[RESOLVED] Getting a 404 Fetch Error When Attempting to Upgrade to 0.17.0
I made the two version number changes to my docker-compose.yml file. Ran Docker Compose Down then Docker Compose Up -D. Visit and you'll see the error in your browser: > 404: FetchError: request to

Upgrade Questions - V0.17
I normally upgrade my instance using ansible and it all goes smoothly. There is more to this upgrade and I do not understand some of the instructions. I think I need more specifics. This is what I have done so far: - Went to - Run Git Pull as instructed - Gone to As I will probably have more then 1 question as I progress through - I will put the questions in different comments.

Since the update Remmel hasn’t been working. It’s not letting me add the Lemmygrad instance. I have tried writing it out, pasting, reloading the app, redownloading the app, and restarting my phone. Any idea how I might be able to get it to work?

How do I promote a user to be an admin?
I can’t see anywhere in the UI to be able to promote a user to be an administrator. How do I do this?

Correct Spelling of a Community
I just built Lemmy on a Linode VPS using Yunohost. I started creating communities but I misspelled the name of one of them. I can't see where I can edit that as an Admin. I'm really wondering if my admin console has all the feature, because I can't see how to make a user and admin either. It all seems really bare in terms of what can be done. Anyway, first things first, how do I correct the name of a community?

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Formatting links to remote communities?
How do I format a link to a remote lemmy community that allows someone to subscribe to it directly from their own instance? An example of such a post is here This is a post made for a community on, posted to and viewed through my instance Whichever instance you view it on, the link formats so that you can subscribe to it directly from the instance you are viewing it on. I’ve tried using /c/communityname formatting, but that doesn’t seem to work.

Can’t post pictures from Friendica
When I try to post images/pictures from my Friendica account to a Lemmy community, it just never appears. It works fine with just text or links. Any idea why that is?

Can we install lemmy on cpanel?
I want to install lemmy on cpanel. The same way you install a forum. It's easy. Is it possible? I dont want to buy a whole server just for lemmy

how to block instances?
There are some Lemmy instances I'd rather not have on my All feed. I know I can block individual communities but can I block entire instances or do I need to host my own to do this?

Comments and posts not shown on Lemmy servers
Hey. I have issues when I comment posts, then sometimes it doesnt show up on the Lemmy server where the post was originally posted. Another issue is that if I try to make a post which contains a picture, then it doesnt work - only if it contains text only. What I do is that I tag the community, I want to post in. This is my Friendica account, but I have the same issues from my Mastodon account as well. Has anyone else had the same issues when interacting with Lemmy instances from other Fediverse platforms?

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