Work computers are windows, I would never demean myself like that by choice.

The only reasons to use windows (other than force or coercion) that I’m even aware of is adobe shit and multiplayer games with kernel level anticheats. Adobe could literally just get good, that is 100% their fault, though kernel level anticheat would never be popular on linux I’d bet.

Lionel C-R

I keep a windows computer exclusively for gaming. I know you can play games on gnu/linux but I have lots of peripherals, VR headset, wheel, pedals, joysticks, rudder, buttons boxes,… I don’t have the courage to even try to see if everything will be compatible and correctly recognized in games. For everything else I stick to gnu/linux.

nearly 100% of my work is in Windows-native applications (Adobe suite, VizRT, Cinema4D) and that’s not likely to change

Using Linux exclusively in private and almost exclusively for work for 24 years and counting …


Linux guy here, there is a shrinking list of things that I can’t do with Linux. That’s when I spin up quick Windows 10 VM, do the task, and delete. Hasn’t come up in over 15 months.

I’ve installed Linux Mint (w/ Cinnamon desktop) recently in a workplace for teenage students school/office work on an old hardware. However, they did not accept it because it did not have a Microsoft Word but a LibreOffice Writer. Apparently, LibreOffice was too confusing for them so they just switched back to Win.

I daily drive linux on the laptop i use the most. All servers are linux. Other than that, my gaming rig is still on windows, work laptop is macOS. Im a tinkerer, so playing with different OSes is fun to me

easier, less hassle 🤷‍♀️



i have, off and on over the past 23 years but i ultimately end up running windows primarily because of games or some other software or hardware incompatibility

Presently, I use Linux regularly (desktop, servers, etc.) I love it and prefer it, and all the games I play run on it. There are a few devices I don’t use it on yet:

  • Work laptop runs Windows :(
  • Got a Macbook Pro for a good price. (Was MacOS curious for awhile, hadn’t used it since MacOS 9)
  • Mobile phones run Android and iOS. (Linux on mobile is not good yet)
  • Windows dualboot just in case I want to use it for something

Android phones use a modified version of the Linux kernel, so they are ostensibly “running linux”

If you got the M1/2 check out Asahi Linux

Very proprietary hardware I got for free. Too stingy to get new stuff yet. Okay I’m lying, I’m poor and scared to spend.

I use linux at home (with bottles for games) and windows at work, because it’s not my choice. Btw, at work I use windows only to run wsl2

I use Windows 10 on M.2 SSD and Ubuntu LTS on HDD on my modern ThinkPad like a dual power user. Why, because I can, I am gigachad.


I do use Arch Linux and Android Linux

too hard to find pirated games, i’ll switch when my mathusalem PC finally decides to break (and by then i hope to have some more coin, PCs really became expensive in the last six yeas!!!)

Just play pirated windows games? With lutris?

Most of the time you can follow the exact same steps as Windows piracy and run the games using Wine through Lutris. I pirate a ton of games on the Steam Deck this way.

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