I’m curious if anyone knows how things are looking for the app. Since the most recent update to Lemmy there’s been no ability to read or send comments/messages.

Is anyone else having this issue or is this just on my end?

If I was more comfortable coding, I’d offer to help but I’d be a liability than anything. Yet, I’m wondering if utilizing something like perplexity.ai or chatGPT (ideally open-assistant in the near future) could make app updates an easier on the team.


Ah, no, that sounds like something else.

A work around to try (not a fix) is to sign out of your account and then sign back in again. I had an issue around the time of the upgrade. My login session had apparently terminated, though Jerboa didn’t recognise that as having happened. I got all sorts of weird error messages until I logged in again.

I signed out and back in yet still had the issue. In reinstalling Jebora though all things seem to be back to normal. Thank you kindly for the assistance!

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