We run our own instance, and just upgraded. After the upgrade, a bunch of the communities I have subscribed to on other lemmy instances aren’t showing historic content that our instance was aware of before the upgrade.

Also, approximately half of my subscribed communities were showing the subscription as pending, despite them not being pending prior to the upgrade

Did we do something wrong, or is this a known issue?

  • AdaOPA
    11 year ago

    And what’s really interesting is that I can see my reply from lemmy.ml and even reply to it from my home instance, but I still can’t see comment I was replying to from my home instance…

    Edit - And to make it really really interesting, I can’t see any of the replies on lemmy.ml now! So maybe it’s not us…

    • Ada
      11 year ago

      @ada @AdaShovelace And the final interesting point of note is that they have all come through just fine to my friendica account