I’m an Australian woman, based in #Meanjin / #Brisbane, but my heart lives in #Argentina. I’m a runner, a cyclist, a board game and TTRPG geek, and I’m fascinated with the #fediverse.

@supakaity and I are co-admins of the embers.social instance

Estoy aprendiendo #español y a veces mi toots estará en mal español!

I have an alt account at @ada@blahaj.zone, which is focused more on queer and trans community and activism.

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@eshep What I really crave is for it all to be available without having to click on anything, without relying on the back button or popups.

I mean, those features would be nice too, but I don’t think they’d reshape the timeline browsing experience in quite the same way

Friendica timelines are compelling
There's something about the method that Friendica uses to generate timelines that I find really compelling, and that doesn't seem to be talked about much. Friendica's timelines are "post" centred, with replies appearing as a tree attached to that post, in a similar way to Facebook. It's distinct from the more Twitter like method common on most of the [#microfedi](https://embers.social/search?tag=microfedi) platforms, in which there is no real difference between a post and a reply. The reason that I find this framework so compelling is that it means you always have context and full conversations in view. If someone you follow replies to someone else you follow, the whole post and all of the replies appear in your timeline again, with full context at a glance. Similarly, when you're reading your timeline, everything is grouped together. Everyone in your timeline that replied to a post is there on that post with full context. And if you're not interested, it's trivial to just scroll past. Compare this to Mastodon, Misskey etc and their forks, where you tend to only see one branch of a conversation, and often have the same conversation showing up in your timeline multiple times depending on who is involved. It's an option for interacting with timelines that I'd love to see implemented in other FediVerse platforms! [\#friendica](https://embers.social/search?tag=friendica) [#Fediverse](https://embers.social/search?tag=Fediverse) [#Fedivangelism](https://embers.social/search?tag=Fedivangelism) [@friendica](https://lemmy.blahaj.zone/c/friendica) [@fediverse](https://lemmy.ml/c/fediverse)

@jay91 Yep, same issue here, even after upgrading our own instance to 17.1

There’s clearly a few bugs left

@ada @AdaShovelace And the final interesting point of note is that they have all come through just fine to my friendica account

New Calckey flagship instance and new Calckey release
Calckey just released version 13.1, but far more interestingly, it coincides with a new flagship instance for Calckey, [calckey.social](https://calckey.social)! [i.calckey.cloud/notes/9aprzaei…](https://i.calckey.cloud/notes/9aprzaeiec) [\#Calckey](https://embers.social/search?tag=Calckey) [#Fediverse](https://embers.social/search?tag=Fediverse) [#Microfedi](https://embers.social/search?tag=Microfedi) [@calckey](https://lemmy.blahaj.zone/c/calckey)

@dessalines Won’t that also be true of anyone who has been federating with you for a significant period of time?

@dessalines It turned out to be quite a significant downtime. Is it going to be similar for other instances when they upgrade to the same version?

Friendica contact discovery question
A question for the Friendica admins out there on the fediverse. What do you normally set your contact directory discovery to? Our is set to "local contacts" but when the importer workers hit profiles with 10's of thousands of apps, the workers just seem to hit a wall. I'm assuming they will get through the process eventually, but something like SignalApp, with 30K followers has been sitting at the front of the queue for nearly 3 hours now I could turn of contact discovery, but I'm not sure what impact that would have? Would turning it off lower the quality of contact suggestions, or is that information still available via the external directory server? [\#friendica](https://embers.social/search?tag=friendica) [#FediAdmin](https://embers.social/search?tag=FediAdmin) [@friendica](https://lemmy.blahaj.zone/c/friendica) [@fediverse](https://lemmy.ml/c/fediverse)