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When you call yourself a “Reddit refugee” you take away from the experience of real refugees. Be better Reddit migrants
Being a refugee is a real life-threatening experience that happens to real people in response to real violence. Not when your favorite website closed down your favorite 3rd party app. It's like saying you were raped when you get killed in fortnight bc some kid 360 no scoped you. It takes away from the experience of real rape victims.

The slow way of doing it is putting the link in the search bar.


put in the search bar from your acct and server figures it out and lets you subscribe

There is, but i don’t know how to either. Sometimes when I type ! a list of subs open up and thats easy proper linking, but afaik that feature is buggy

undefined> Do you have the undetermined language selected in your settings?

that seemed to have fixed it, thanks

Welcome Reddit refugees!
We definitely did have a spike in registrations here at least. One of the only ways people find out about lemmy is when it gets cross-posted. We could really use more news articles about it tho on open-source / privacy related spaces. cross-posted from: > We are happy to see that many of you are exploring Lemmy after Reddit announced changes to its API policy. I maintain this project alongside []( > > Lemmy is similar to Reddit in many ways, but there is also a major difference: Its not only a single website, but consists of many different websites which are interconnected through federation. This is achieved with the ActivityPub protocol which is also used by Mastodon. It means that you can sign up on any Lemmy instance to interact with users and communities on other instances. The project website has a [list of instances]( which all have their own rules and administrators. We recommend that you sign up on one of them, to avoid overt centralization on > > Another difference compared to Reddit is that Lemmy is open source, and not funded by any company. For this reason it relies on volunteer work to make the project better, whether it's programming, design, documentation, translating, reporting issues or others. See the [contributing guide]( to get started. You can also [donate]( to support development. > > We also recommend that you read the [documentation]( It explains how Lemmy works and how to setup your own Lemmy instance. Running an instance gives you full control over the rules and moderation, and prevents us developers from having any influence. Especially large communities that want to use Lemmy should host their own instance, because existing Lemmy instances would easily be overwhelmed by a large number of new users. > > Enjoy your time here! If you have any questions, feel free to ask below or in the [Matrix chat](

When I press “3 more replies” nothing happens on Mobile android Firefox.

Am I supposed to like click it differently?

  1. Among other things, can a community have a moderator on another server?

  2. Would the top mod need to be on the same server?

  1. Yes

  2. No

Bchodi advertising and their services
cross-posted from: > Last I checked they're alt right > > 1. is a *Swadeshi* and *Atma-Nirbhar* alternative to Reddit for *Desis*. Not-for-profit community created in response to the unjust banning of [r/Chodi](https://www.reddit.m/r/Chodi) on Reddit to provide fun/meme/troll platform. *Bchodi* must go on. > 2. [Tooter](https://toote) is a *Swadeshi* and *Atma-Nirbhar* Indian version of Twitter. Tooter provides secure, ad-free social media experience. So why wait? Join Tooter today! > 3. [Koo](🐥 is a micro-blogging platform that allows people to express their thoughts and opinions in Indian languages, with over 50 million users from over 100 countries. It democratizes the voices of people by empowering them to express freely. > 4. [ShareChat]( is a social media platform developed in India that allows users to share content and join groups based on their interests. It has over 100 million users and supports 14 Indian languages. > 5. [HumTog]( is a collaboration platform to help people work together to achieve common goals like eradicating poverty or illiteracy. It is currently an Indian news discussion platform until it has a large enough user-base to achieve its main goals. Join Humtog and help save the world by working together.

What has your experiences with nootropics been like?
R/nootropics What I want from nootropics: the movie limitless What I get from nootropics: an empty wallet and caffeine pills So no luck so far. Trying to go dr shopping to get modafinil

If you make/find one, ping me, I’ll subscribe and take a scroll now and then

Lemmy doesn’t have a shadow ban feature afaik fyi

Imo title should say “dealt”, since it’s from 2019

Mobile web browser, search bar magnifying glass isn’t registering clicks anymore but it does on desktop view

Simple elo formula?
cross-posted from: > The regular elo formula is complicated. > > The most basic elo formula is win = 1 points, draw = 0, lose = -1. Which is a little too basic. > > I looked around and couldn't find a 'medium difficulty' elo formula. Anyone have a medium difficulty proposal? > > Regular elo formula: > > `The Elo rating system embodies this by using a formula that changes a player's rating by adding K(S-E) to his rating each time. K is a constant that is the same for all players; the higher it is, the more easily your rating changes. S is the score of the player in a match (+1 for a win, 0 for a loss). E is the expected score of the player in the match. Against a weak player, it is close to 1 since you expect a strong player to beat a weak player most of the time. Conversely, against a stronger player, it is close to 0. You can calculate E using the formula E_A = 1/(1+10(R_B-R_A/400)), where E_A is the expect score of player A with rating R_A when faced with player B with rating R_B. `