I donated to Wikipedia, and i bought the Simple Thank You to help support Tibor Kaputa who makes the Simple Suite of apps for android for free on FDroid

Free Software Foundation

@Sagar jesus christ, I thought you were joking.

What do you mean?

@Sagar my man, naming a website in your post like s*ckless.org with adding a https to it really gets out of my mind.

The name of domain thing of Internet sounds funny and interesting!:-)…

Helix 🧬

Various organisations and clubs furthering scientific development and education.

I found that most of world’s problems are either caused by greed, poverty or a lack of education. Since you can’t end greed or poverty by just pouring money on those issues, I instead donate to institutions providing free learning materials, open source software and other causes indirectly bettering the world by empowering the underprivileged.

I also spend money on the Free software I use. I contributed to a repository listing donation options and I’d be happy if others would also contribute: https://github.com/n1trux/awesome-donations

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