Privacy is a human right, thank you Edward Snowden. I dont use any social media other Lemmy and Minds. I post my opinions on subjects wether people agree or not, if you want to disscuss than do so respectfully and ill do the same. Check out my sublemmy 10_0s basement.

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I have that keyboard lol

Food is served at restaurant (shocking)

Didn’t know that, but I like that guy, shame he went the way he did

+rep but Yorkshire > Lancashire (until I move there 🤣)

Yeah can’t wait for the Basilisk to consume me whole 🤣🤣

thanks for letting me know, do you know which app is kept the most up-to date?

What are your guy’s opinion on BRICS alliance?
Do you think that this could be one the major alliances over the next 100-300 years that can properly rival the western world? (BRICS: Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa)

saturday and sunday obv, but the extra day off is debateable, as it would depend on the days that are most effective for the person to be at work.

i think blogging works good enough with the current system, speaking from personal experience. The main problem being lackluster updates for the lemmur app, but it’s made by a different developer so… not much to do other than complain. Tho this could be a good feature for the lemmur app as it is made for phones.

Why eat a clove of garlic on an empty stomch?

I donated to Wikipedia, and i bought the Simple Thank You to help support Tibor Kaputa who makes the Simple Suite of apps for android for free on FDroid

Best alternatives to Google Pay
This seems like a long shot but any suggestions are wanted.

what would you like to see?

once a week, its all political stuff and not much that’s interesting tbh

This comment section makes my phone lag lol

Tbh this is basically my problem, too much political content, I’ve blocked all the sublemmies I can but seeing that the default user experience isn’t this streamlined is a big problem I have for not recommending Lemmy to anyone.

I see it as a divide between people who want to enjoy tech/privacy version of Reddit, and people who want it to be Twitter but their own tribe, this goes for Wolfballs, and Lemmygrad.

This isn’t gonna take long to get fucked by Nintendo, they tend to hate their own fans, and modders, and customers.