@mtf Tell us one of your of your most Gender Affirming Experiences you’ve had :3

  • Squished Fly (she/they)
    101 month ago

    Probably the most affirming expriance I’ve had was when a new neighbor moved into our small apartment building and we got into a little bit of a chat. Some when in she asked me “oh, you’re -neighbor with female name-, right?” I was, in fact, not that neighbor. What makes it specifically special was that I haven’t done much as in voice training and my voice usually gives away that I’m born male. I still try to sound as androgynous as I can but it’s reeaallyy hard.

    Since that story is quite boring, here are 3 other affirming stories:

    At an anime convention, I went into the men’s bathroom to wash my hands and apply more black lipstick. Back then (and even now), the ladies bathroom almost sounds like sin to go into for me (thank you dad). To appear more fem, I wearing a very short skirt and a crop-top. It worked so well actually that some guy opened the bathroom door, saw me, IMMEDIATELY apologized and walked back out. He did come in again after looking at the bathroom sign and asked but ya. It felt so good finally not fitting in a space I was forced into for my entire life so far.

    A second public bathroom story ٩(•ᴗ•)۶. I was in Cologne (Germany) for a day because of a small event in the Bootshaus. On our way there, me and a friend of mine had to go to the bathroom, so we decided to go at the bathroom of the train station Köln messe/deutz (we went separately and guarded our baggage and stuff). In any case, I walked in and someone instantly saw me and told me to get the fuck over to the ladies bathroom. The scared little bitch that I am, I just put on my male voice and said that I sadly had to go here… He left me alone after that but still very funny and affirming.

    And finally, a non-bathroom related story. Literally 3 days ago, coming home from a Pride parade, a train ticked guy asked me for my ticket. Since I’ve just been on a pride parade, I was dressed quite fem and slutty. Anyways, I gave him my ticket and ID. THE FACE OF THAT POOR GUY AS HE GOT VISABLY CONFUSED WHEN SEEIBG MY NAME AND OLD PIC. It was amazing. Nothing really happened and h didn’t question it and just left me to my ways.

    What makes all of this even more euphoric of me tho is the fact that I’m not on HRT yet. I do have strangely high natural estro level which might have made me grow up quite a bit fem too. I guess I’m kinda blessed with the f1nnster gen, where I can look both quite masc and quite fem c:

    • Trans Pride Southampton :v_tg:OP
      41 month ago

      Awww those are quite nice stories, glad you were able to share them and love that the bathroom that we are meant to use seems to be backfiring on them as it makes the men feel uncomfortable.

      Glad you got to feel yourself several times, stay safe out there.