Whats the point of writing prn, f@ck, sht or anything like that instead of the actual words? You can still read them, its not like they are gone if you replace a letter or two.

  • @hungryphrog
    86 months ago

    I hate ml mods as much as the next guy, but also I would consider “bitch” to be kinda misogynistic in certain context.

    • @Susaga@ttrpg.network
      6 months ago

      The same can be said of any gendered term. That’s honestly a comment on the context more than the word.

      If you say the word bitch is as offensive as the f slur, t slur or n word, then you’re saying those slurs are as harmless as the word bitch. If you believe that, I am offended by you. Do not put them in the same group.