Whats the point of writing prn, f@ck, sht or anything like that instead of the actual words? You can still read them, its not like they are gone if you replace a letter or two.

  • Gormadt
    6 months ago

    Fun fact 1: if you do get banned or have your comments removed you’ll only know if you check the modlogs. And likely only if you check the modlogs of the instance that took action against you as the modlogs don’t fully sync between each other.

    Fun fact 2: you have been in the past, here’s a link to the mod actions against you on .ml

    Fun fact 3: and so have I, I only just recently finished a 2 week ban over here on .ml for calling that kind of stuff out on here.

    Edit: That didn’t take long @gravitas_deficiency@sh.itjust.works looks like you got banned for your comment.