I’ve seen users from mastodon and friendica comment on lemmy posts, but I’ve never seen posts from instances running non lemmy software show up in my feed. Is this a consequence of different software handling federation differently?

  • AdaA
    1 year ago

    I’ve just tested this, and I can’t subscribe to Friendica groups.

    When I was talking about federating with Friendica in my original reply, that’s really what I meant. The ability for a lemmy instance to follow groups from another group based instance that isn’t lemmy.

    I know they federate comments and replies etc, but that isn’t what I was getting at. My wording probably wasn’t as clear as it could have been


    • @nutomic@lemmy.ml
      11 year ago

      Which Friendica group are you trying to follow, and do you see anything in the server logs? Would be nice if you can open an issue on Github.

      • AdaA
        21 year ago

        Will do!