• @Swiggles
    148 months ago

    How did we get here? What a bad take. Consent is obviously required, it’s that simple.

    Neither children nor animals can consent therefore they are not welcome in any shape or form. This also excludes rape and other forms of abuse from any LGBTQ+ space/group/community.

      • @Swiggles
        38 months ago

        You did not, you said that you do not mind or care. No one wants them there except the pedophiles themselves.

        The people have problems, but they need other help than acceptance. It does not work, it is abuse and the LGBTQ+ community always clearly distanced themselves from them.

        Implying any connection at all is dishonest and a huge disservice to all people under the LGBTQ+ umbrella. Hence it is a terrible take.

        • WalrusDragonOnABike
          8 months ago

          To quote myself:

          *Not to be confused with people who practice bestiality or child molestation.

          I don’t care if people eventually include them or not. I’m not backtracking on that. The two statements aren’t contradictory. I’m also not saying I want that (I don’t). Its simply not something I care about. Ultimately, language is whatever people want it to do be, so caring about changes is a waste. Even if it makes the language less useful or more confusing.

          But sexual or romantic attraction to a specific group of people certainly has more to do with other categories of sexual or romanic attraction to specific groups of people than preference for BDSM. And even attraction to a non-human group of beings is a more similar. I’m not implying a connection though. My point is that they are separate and there’s even less reason to make kink a letter in the LGBTQ+.

          No one wants them there except the pedophiles themselves.

          I think most of them consider themselves separate as well. Its just homophobes who want to group them together.