This award is given in a vast array of fiction & nonfiction literature, for LGBTQ+ themes!

Listen to Detransitioners — Assigned
They say they don't feel regret about their journeys, supprt trans people, and some who were once part of the anti-trans movement have retransitioned. -

The Super Bowl ads, which highlighted Jesus as a "refugee" who "confronted racism with love," first appeared to be "a breath of fresh air," wrote Goodwin, a progressive, Black, and openly queer minister who preaches in Bloomfield, Connecticut. "However, the funders of this invitation are the same folks who promote anti-LGBT legislation, a denial of women’s rights to their own bodies, the campaigns of clear white supremacists, and the evangelical church." -

Since most of society revolves around sex, children and sense of belonging, how does typical arom ace typically recreates ones family? Is there set of movements or philosophies that can guide an arom ace person through life within the society? I mean I get that there are plenty of such things focused on self improvement/zen/nirvana but the path is quite isolating. So how do aroaces recreate their own family? P.S. Not necessarily lgbt question but it fits the most here

Un blog qui parle de genre, à travers des lieux visités en France et des expériences positives - et positives uniquement ! Ouvert à toutes contributions, si vous voulez parler de vos lectures ou expériences positives. ([C'est rémunéré.](

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