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Wikipedia has a pretty comprehensive explanation of how the Finnish system works, although we also have a few Finnish posters on here so they’d probably know best if any of them would like to chime in on the nuances. in summary: it would appear the absolute minimum fine for anything subject to day-fines is 6 euros, and the minimum for “speeding in traffic” appears to be 115 euros because there is a fixed petty-fine amount associated with that offense.

The other thing that has kinda already been mentioned is that it’s good to normalize being different. During the lavender scare in the 1950s, you could be fired for having a missing button on your blouse, because that suggested homosexual tendencies. Even if you were straight. This got so bad at one point that people started introducing themselves and including their wide and kids in their introduction just to allay any fears that they might be gay/bi.

good point! you’re seeing this now with some of the anti-trans bills that pass too, where they’re still impacting totally cis, totally heterosexual women because of how sweeping they are (and even if the drafters obviously intend for a bill to be selectively interpreted and enforced)

i definitely think you have a good policy on your hands when a rich guy is like “i hope all the money i’ve been fined can help patch a hole in the budget”, lol

Wiklöf says he hopes the fine will be used positively.

“I have heard that they are going to save one and a half billion on healthcare in Finland, so I hope that the money can fill a gap there,” said Wiklöf.

just in general, the Day-Fine system (which you’ve probably heard of, a few countries have it) seems like a common-sense reform. its principle should probably be how we approach most fines, actually, because having them basically be flat makes… very little sense if you actually think about it:

Under Finland’s “Day-Fine” system, an individual’s income is a key determinant in the size of the fine they are subsequently issued with by law enforcement. Finland was the first Nordic nation to introduce the income-based “Day Fine” system in 1921, and several European nations have followed suit since.

Further, under the Finnish “Day-Fine” system, the more a driver is over a speed limit, the higher the number “day fines” received.

it’s increasingly clear that the Republican consensus on basically all science is now total nihilism and a level of radical individualism that would make libertarians blush. previously, this was really only reserved for burning fossil fuels for them—but now it doesn’t seem impossible some Republicans will start saying shit like germ theory is a hoax because of how far gone the whole premise is. it’d be funny if it didn’t have very real, horrifying health consequences for everyone.

not gonna lie, it strikes me as pretty bad that one of our largest media outlets freely has hosts who say things like this:

JEANINE PIRRO (CO-HOST): While Americans choke on the smoke, the far left smells an opportunity. AOC thinks this is a great time to push her Green New Deal. She says that we must, quote, “Adapt our food systems, energy grids, infrastructure, and healthcare to prepare for what’s to come.” Other Democrats are pumping up climate hysteria and bringing back, you guessed it, mask insanity.

Global warming is absolutely crushing certain countries.

it’s pretty likely we’ll see a mass-casualty heat event in that part of the world sooner rather than later. while mercifully this doesn’t seem to be the case here, wet-bulb temperatures are gonna be a particular problem, and likely what does it (especially if it’s accompanied by power shortages or an outage).

a commonly reported threshold is humans can’t survive wet-bulbs of 35°C—which would be 95°F heat at 100% humidity and is already possible in that area of the world, although thankfully still rare—but it’s increasingly clear we also do very badly with substantially lower wet-bulbs:

After analyzing their data, the researchers found that critical wet-bulb temperatures ranged from 25°C to 28°C in hot-dry environments and from 30°C to 31°C in warm-humid environments — all lower than 35°C wet-bulb.

“Our results suggest that in humid parts of the world, we should start to get concerned — even about young, healthy people — when it’s above 31 degrees wet-bulb temperature,” Kenney said. “As we continue our research, we’re going to explore what that number is in older adults, as it will probably be even lower than that.”

and obviously a critical threshold of 31°C is much more attainable in these areas both in the short and long term, which uhhhh yeah, not good!

Process of making traditional Japanese masks. Craftsmen who have been making masks for 40 years. (能面ができるまで。日本で40年以上磨き上げた職人の能面作り)
this video has closed captioning that translates and provides context, so make sure to turn them on before watching. or don't, i'm not a cop

probably last submission for the day lol, i said i'd check out on here for the day 2 hours ago (8-12 hours on here for the past week!). anyways goodnight, keep this website weird folks, don't burn anything down for the other mods

for those of you who don’t keep up with union news: this year has been crazy for university strikes and unionization like this. there have been at least 6 university faculty strikes that i can think of (at one point the faculty of three Illinois universities alone were on strike at the same time), and probably the same number of student worker strikes in that timeframe. graduate and student unions are also booming. at least a dozen of those in the past year have formed, usually with comical numbers like 97% in favor with 2,000 voters.

some cool and curious union news: the strippers of Magic Tavern, a club in Portland, OR, are looking to become the second stripper union in the US
a bit of context: until recently, there actually weren't any of these—but now there might be two of them in very short period of time! the strippers at [Star Garden](, a North Hollywood topless bar, became the first in this space when they unionized last month. (there *has* also been at least one previous stripper union in the US, but the establishment for it closed awhile ago.)

My sister bought her a few airpurifiers which have helped but she’s basically confining herself indoors.

unironically when it’s this bad that’s what everyone should be doing unless they have a mask that filters PM2.5 particulate matter. that stuff is what kills you! it’s crazy anyone’s being forced outside in these conditions, given their rarity on the East Coast

You’re taking the worst possible caricature of the opposition and applying it to every single person on the spectrum of “right wing” out there.

i guess my only further comment is: yeah, i am. what reason have i been given by any conservative since Stonewall—no matter how “open” they are to not considering us faggots—to not do that?

i honestly think this position is naive at best, and when it comes from a queer person it generally indicates a failure to look at the history of conservatism as it relates to queerness. i just don’t think you should care about anything these people feel about us—nor should it ever be your priority to appeal to them, no matter how numerous they are. and even being apathetic to most conservatives is probably too nice, because they certainly do not turn the other cheek when it comes to how they feel about us.

but also: you have not demonstrated this “moderate middle” of sorts exists, much less cares about any of what you’re talking about here—and i just categorically do not think what is allowed at pride should be tailored to a hypothetical person when there are very real people who get joy out of openly being who they are and have a long history of coexisting at pride with no issue.

shortening of Win–so this would be a shorthand way of signifying “this is awesome”

You don’t win those people over by alienating them in every way shape and form.

what we’re ultimately talking about here is a fairly binary question of if you accept the existence and validity of queer people and queerness, and for the vast majority of right-wingers the answer is no and that has literally nothing to do with kink at pride. for most of them this is a religious and moral prior handed to them by God himself who is infallible. it is a fundamental part of how they view the world, and changing it would be asking them to undercut their entire belief system.

now, you personally are free to live in accordance with what this group is asking of you—i can’t stop you from doing that. but i have to once again underscore: what they’re asking of you is to not be queer, and that is not negotiable with them. not having kink at pride will never change this (nor will any other kind of sanding down expressions of queerness) because they simply do not care. fixating on this is at best a red herring, and at worst a fundamental misunderstanding of the broader conservative position on queer people.

my submission here: Fela Kuti’s Zombie:

this song (and the eponymous album it’s from, Zombie) constitute a major addition to Fela Kuti’s discography, primarily because of its immense success and the consequences of that success. Zombie makes a mockery of the Nigerian government and specifically its military, and is widely assumed to have been the catalyst for the authoritarian military government of Olusegun Obasanjo to raid Fela’s Kalakuta Republic commune/compound. that raid, conducted by over a thousand soldiers, resulted in the destruction of the commune, the murder of Fela’s mother Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti (one of Nigeria’s first feminist activists and suffragists(, the near murder of Fela himself, and grotesque acts of physical and sexual brutality against members of the commune.

the experiences of the raid would prompt two further Fela albums, Coffin for Head of State (referring to Fela delivering his mother’s coffin to an army barracks in Lagos) and Unknown Soldier (referring to the findings of the official inquiry into the Kalakuta raid, which found an “unknown soldier” responsible), both master works in their own rights. (Zombie would also, allegedly, go on to get Fela banned from entering neighboring Ghana after it caused a riot in Accra.)

a slightly belated Worldwide Music Wednesday
this is an idea on Cohost and i think it'd be fun to port over every wednesday. post your non-anglophone music of all varieties (bonus points if they're not necessarily well known international artists) and anything you'd like to say about that music or its artist(s)

I never said they didn’t have a right to be there, I’d just prefer if they don’t intentionally give more ammunition to those that don’t like us.

you have a right to not like things, but please internalize that right-wingers are never going to care how much you sanitize pride and this kind of placation is useless. for them queer people existing is the ammo—the problem they identify with society—and the only acceptable solution to that problem is to drive queer people into the closet and kill the ones who refuse. if it wasn’t loud, proud queer people they’d manufacture outrage about quiet, docile ones—and i know what i prefer personally.

Do you have to click play and watch it or does it count as a view if it shows up in your feed and you scroll past it? I’m leaning toward the latter, but I don’t have any knowledge of how Twitter’s metrics work (if there is even any logic to them, that is).

autoplay is another factor, since i know some twitter videos absolutely do that. they also repeat.

I definitely agree that it wasn’t anywhere near 16m unique people, so I do feel a little better about our species. lol

another thing to feel good about: tucker is a known quantity, so i doubt he’s reaching a lot of new people (and especially not on Twitter, where people are already likely to be quite set in ideology)

it’s long been assumed twitter just kind of makes its metrics up, especially now that “views” are a thing you can “see” on regular tweets, so tough to say. what can be said: it did unambiguously reach a lot of people, but i doubt it was anywhere near 16m unique people

unfortunately a contributor here is also their State Superintendent of Public Instruction. for the unaware, that’s an elected position in Oklahoma and was won last year by an avowed Christian nationalist who wants to destroy the education system. without exaggeration, the guy thinks teachers are indoctrinating children with communism and that teacher’s unions should basically not be legal. he’s such an extremist even other Republicans in-state are a bit mortified by some of the fights he’s picked.

Pride is an expression of sexuality. Proving to ourselves that it is okay for the world to see us as we are. Some people’s sexuality is kinky, that’s just the form some people’s sexuality takes. When a kinky person is gay and they want to express their sexuality, it’s going to look kinky.

there’s also a long history of these communities existing at pride, even if they may not inherently be queer. bear, leather, and BDSM communities to name a few have been intertwined with pride and the queer community for basically as long as there’s been pride!

You never know when something controversial may turn out to be true, but facts aren’t up to democracy.

from a metaphysical standpoint sure, there might be inarguable facts–but i think the past few years especially have demonstrated that for social purposes almost all “facts” are kind of up to democracy, and many people have no interest in believing what is metaphysically true. i mean, we had people literally dying of COVID because they believed it was a hoax or because they believed in crank treatments of the virus.

For example, if a user comes across a post that’s been voted as 90% true, they’ll probably be like “I don’t need to think critically about this because the community says it’s true, which means it must be true.”

yeah, it’s an interesting–and i’m not necessarily sure solvable–question of how you can design something to usefully combat misinformation which itself won’t eventually enshrine or be gamed to promote misinformation in a website context. twitter’s context feature is only selectively useful and a drop in the bucket. youtube has those banners on certain subjects but i’d describe them as basically useless to anyone who already believes misinfo.

That being said, CNN has been kind of trash for long time now.

yeah i have no real sympathy for them. it’s nice if they change–having one less right-wing rag out there is always good in my book–but i can’t say that i care if they do, and i hope they continue to be irrelevant after the turn they’ve made.

in fact a good metric for this might be when reddit stops contributing anywhere near as many productive search results as it currently does. that’s undeniably a big use of the site for people so it’d be noteworthy for that to disappear (and despite itself being a symptom of bad things it’d probably be quite bad overall, given the state of online generally right now.)

Reddit is big enough that it probably won’t die quickly (e.g. like Digg did), but my guess is that this kind of policy shows that the best days of Reddit are in the past.

i think twitter is a good model for how we might expect this to go: a slow but undeniable decay into a worse, less functional, generally more miserable site to be on. when the decay will end? who knows. but there’ll likely be an obvious before and after, and an equally obvious point where the site goes from a vanguard of influence online to a social media backwater.

five more new Beehaw communities!
a few of you have already noticed these and dutifully begun using them, but we have five new communities based on feedback, activity of existing communities, and our assessment of the utility of such a community. here are our new five: - [Neurodivergence](! a complement to our existing LGBTQ+ and Feminism communities; this one is for the various communities that fall under the neurodivergent label, and all content surrounding them. we didn't quite want to commit to a mental health type community, but we think we can handle something like this. - [Writing](! a complement to our already-existing Creative and Literature sections, specifically for your long and short form writing, worldbuilding, and all things pertaining to improving the craft generally. - [Animals and Pets](! i hope this one is self explanatory, lol. - [Food and Cooking](! i hope this one is too. - and [Operating Systems]( we do have a big tech crowd here, and a lot of people have an interest in this stuff. this was originally suggested as a Linux-specific community but we decided to expand its scope a little bit for practical reasons. these are, as i'll always note, not our final communities! as we continue to grow we'll take into consideration what's already been suggested, any new suggestions you have, and whether existing sections of a community are large enough to be split off. (we already have one good suggestion i think i will inevitably be added.) thank you for your continued support of the website, and hopefully some of you will get a lot of use out of these new communities.

welcome, new Beehaw users and lurkers. an FAQ and introduction to Beehaw
hey folks. here's a new FAQ on the community, since the currently pinned thread is a bit haphazard and crammed now, and we've had more time to go over stuff. ##### What is Beehaw? in summary, we're a community that wants to cultivate a sense of real belonging to something, to foster meaningful conversations, and to ensure everyone feels valued and respected in a way that isn't the case with other social media out there. we've thought and written a lot about this. if you'd like more than that summary, we strongly encourage you to read the following three essays, which explain how this community is run, what we priortize in running it, and why we've designed it this way generally: * [What is Beehaw?]( * [Beehaw is a Community]( * [A few thoughts on Beehaw's design]( ##### This sounds very cool! How do I join? [you can register here]( **you don't need to write a whole essay, however: *please* answer the question fully, and try to engage with at least some of the content above/on the sidebar before you register.** this is not personal, but we've grown a lot in the past week and are primarily interested in users who really care for the philosophy of our community. if you don't answer the question fully, you will likely get caught in registration limbo (see below), and you might waste the username you want. ##### How long should I expect to wait to be approved? **anywhere from a few minutes to a day. in general, try logging in after about 24 hours.** if you haven't been approved within 24 hours your application is almost certainly in limbo because you didn't answer our entry question to our satisfaction. this doesn't mean we're rejecting you, per se, but it generally means we didn't think you engaged with the content above/on the sidebar. this is inelegant, but Lemmy doesn't make it reliably possible to tell you to reapply, so this is a shortcoming we have to make do with. **if you *have* been approved and you used an email to sign up you should receive an email for that, although it might be marked as spam.** we're still trying to get Gmail to consistently take our emails, so again the 24 hour rule is best if you're unsure or haven't received one. if you have issues of this sort, please [report them in the following thread](! ##### I'm in! How can I keep Beehaw running, or otherwise contribute? our instance is 100% user-funded. you can one-time donate or become a monthly donor [here]( you can donate anonymously both ways. as far as we're aware cryptocurrency [is accepted by OpenCollective](, it's just more laborious and you'll probably have to contact them to clear it. if you have volunteer labor or advice you're willing to give us on how to keep the site running smoothly, we also generally appreciate that. our Matrix and Discord communities are the best way to offer that stuff to us. ##### How do I help keep the community running smoothly? be considerate! think about the things you say and how you want to say them; be kind and charitable; don't assume the worst of people; but above all: Be(e) nice! it might seem trite, but genuinely we've found there is no better distillation of what we want to accomplish here than that ethos. if something makes you feel like that ethos is being violated, err on the side of caution and report it (on desktop it's the flag button in the three dot menu on any post). it can't hurt. so far though we've found most people kind of *know* what we mean, and we're hopeful you'll be able to pick up on that too. as for non-moderation ways you can keep things running: contribute to discussions! share stuff you find interesting! contribute your expertise and help out folks when they ask for it! it's okay—and very understandable—to lurk based on the toxicity commonplace on other social media, but we really do try to make this space as welcoming as possible to everyone here and we hope you'll find it a safer place to come out of your online shell. ##### What else should I know? we always take feedback. while we can't *promise* any changes, you can provide thoughts and comments on just about anything on the site in Beehaw Support, or on Discord or Matrix (where we maintain real-time chat). we try to get a sense of what the community wants and needs all the time, so we'll frequently be asking for input from you to help inform our decisions. 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I’m definitely not Team Nintendo on this, but why was Dolphin on Steam anyway?

i think they wanted to make it more accessible and Steam has a very wide audience relative to their website? i’m not sure, the whole affair was very confusing.

PS; posting code in Lemmy doesn’t work so great, does it? I used a backtick but didn’t get the results I’m accustomed to…

it might be because lemmy uses commonmark instead of regular markdown, so the formatting is slightly different from… most markdown things, i guess?

to update this, since we’ve had a lot of developments:

  • some of this was on our end. approvals were not going through to Gmail users even though Lemmy sends those, and that was an email configuration problem on our part.
  • denials are not sent to users by email, which is by design as of now.
  • users are supposed to be able to log in and get their denial, but there’s a bug which makes this inconsistent.

we have opened an issue about all of this, which you can find here. hopefully this is helpful to any instance also dealing with one or multiple facets of a problem like this!

i do wish headlines would be more willing, in general, to underscore how pathetic a lot of social protections are, and how much being a large corporation lets you get away with because the main punishments are fines and those are frequently paltry.

this is the definitive image on all LGBTQ+ gatekeeping discourse, in my humble opinion (but especially during pride month.) i am constantly obligated to say: i don’t care if you think asexuals aren’t valid, or bi/pan lesbians don’t exist, or yadda yadda we need to keep pride safe for work. shut the fuck up! these don’t matter!

and while i’m sure some people do hold them very sincerely: it’s definitely conspicuous how i have almost never heard these positions expressed in any real-life queer space. these issues are so distorted by online spaces in terms of how prominent they are, and it’s worth remembering that

oh, cool, i see we’re welcoming enough for plural people to feel like they can actually post stuff on the site and not immediately get destroyed. that’s a very good sign :)

anyways, welcome! and for people who are unfamiliar with plurality (which i guess you could best describe as an avant-garde community at the intersection of being queer and being neurodivergent, and strongly overlapping with both) this link is a very good and straightforward explanation of it all

The Case Against Homeownership: Instead of perpetuating the Ponzi scheme of private property for some, we should be demanding economic security for all
interesting argument; here's the crux of it, for those of you who don't have the time to read it all: > In plain terms, as writer Jerusalem Demsas puts it, “Homeownership works for some because it cannot work for all.” The wealthy and wealthier buy and sell in the housing market—while pushing the burden of ever-higher costs onto the ownership-ineligible working class through rising rents. > >[...]there is well-documented evidence of the environmental and social ills that homeownership’s progeny—suburban sprawl—wreaks on our country and environment, perhaps best illustrated by a recent poll that found Americans prefer living in a community where “houses are larger and farther apart,” even if amenities are farther away, and thus likely only accessible by car. > > Rather than increase homeownership in the United States, we need to broaden pathways to long-term economic security that do not require it. Envision a renters’ system that encourages long-term financial security, location mobility for work and play, and socially oriented values of shared ownership, environmental protection, and community.

Just this last weekend we had weather events disrupting my local Pride festival, and Twitter was the only easy place that they were able to quickly distribute status updates. Bluesky is still in private beta, and Mastadon doesn’t really work at all for this particular use-case.

oh yeah, that’s the other part: it’s an acceptable platform for everybody from 13-year old fangirls to the literal, actual president and his staff, and you can find everybody between those groups on the site. just very hard to displace that kind of universality, especially when everybody’s already on one place

It’s so sad that publications like fanzines and similar aren’t used anymore, they were so real and full of stories of fighting people ✊

they’re definitely still out there, they’re just usually more incognito and targeted now! i wonder if i can scrounge some up that i’ve seen across my various social media feeds, actually

in fact i’m actually a pretty good example of this: several politicians and reasonably prominent progressive figures have/had followed me on twitter just because i make interesting posts sometimes and give them useful information they don’t have. i can’t really think of another space i’d have been able to do that in, and you can sometimes do it with very important or influential people in a way that’s just not true of any other place online.

I have former academic coworkers who use it to promote their publications etc. It’s an odd thing because their (very left) politics definitely don’t belong on twitter anymore.

for mid-level people in a space or community there’s really not much better than twitter currently: it has–or, i suppose, had–a good equilibrium of random people and smart or influential people, a unique equilibrium of semi-privacy and public space, and a culture and barrier for entry that’s low and overall decent for getting eyes on your work (to a point).

if you’re an artist, for example? there’s simply not a better platform for your work. dedicated gallery sites are fractal and don’t have all the other stuff twitter comes with. (sometimes they don’t even have all the art, to extend the example!) probably the closest mass-media to twitter that emulates the benefits is instagram, but instagram also has a different clientele and a very different culture.

do users who get rejected when they apply for an account receive any indicator that they’ve been denied, and/or the associated denial reason?
posting this on behalf of [Beehaw](, as we've started doing denials in meaningful amounts. we have a little rejection letter telling people to reapply if they are rejected, but we just experimented and it seem users *do not* receive the rejection reason in any way. if the rejection field is intended exclusively as a moderator backend thing, it's very ambiguously indicated. if it isn't, and users *do* receive some sort of information on rejection, we are also unclear on what that information is or by what mechanism people receive it. we made a test account to see how our users would receive what we assumed they'd be getting, and so far any rejection is: - not indicated on the account; - not indicated through logging in to the account (because you *can't* log in, as far as i can tell, if you've been rejected); - and not given to you through email, if you choose to provide one. clarification would be much appreciated, as the answer to this question would obviously have direct implications on how we move forward with approvals and denials. thanks!

it’s definitely complicated; Wikipedia gives a decent overview of the country’s progress in that particular facet. without question it’s more accepting than most countries, but overall i’d say it’s still… not great

sorely needed, Gannett might genuinely be the most destructive thing that has ever happened to journalism–and i’m including Rupert Murdoch and the 24-hour news channel in that. entire communities have literally become paperless because they just don’t give a fuck about anything but money.

Video game publishers desperately want NFTs and game streaming to happen. They’re not going to stop trying until it costs them so much money they start firing executives.

reminded of Squenix’s absolutely absurdist NFT game, wherein they explained the concept of with a presentation slide that looks straight out of a military subcontractor report. like what are you doing over there guys

the way they’ve gone from annual improvement releases[1] to a treadmill designed more-or-less to cater to whales and hook people with addiction problems because those people make more money than casual users is one of the most depressing tendencies in gaming. at this point you either have to suck it up, or you have be really interested in spreadsheet gaming and/or hang with the limitations of the competition (if there is any)

  1. because yeah, they did actually use to like. add stuff to these games, and make them better and more interesting to play ↩︎

all i’ll say is: i’m sure they will. definitely. please spend all the money on this guys, it’s a real winner

I enjoyed Spore when I was a kid. It was legit fun evolving and designing your creature.

oh, what i would give for someone to try and make an AAA-backed Spore-like game. it scratches such a specific itch that nothing else really does

yeah, i’ve found MAL tracklists to be a very good way to discover new artists and the channel itself a good way to discover new music genres