Many people see there’s the good and there’s the bad in many things in life, including AI. They believe that moderation and regulation is the ideal model. That is understandable and logical as long as we look at the issue from a decontextualized, abstract standpoint. What I propose is to look at things as an always changing process. When we tackle AI from a longterm-oriented framework, this technology tends to eventually become totalitarian and dystopian. It always starts with small, innocent steps.

Unlike many others, I haven’t been following the news of AI development. I didn’t even experiment with the technology, knowing that if I did I will become dependent on it. “But it will make your life easier!” But what for? What’s a life without hardships and effort? Why is technological development and efficiency deemed to be an intrinsic good?

This technology will eventually kill the human in us, because it is the activities we do that makes us and so abdication is suicide.


Thank you. One of my teachers Gaddam Vijaya Prakash, taught us to ask the right question. This is the right question.

AI per se is not bad but the offensive uses of AI are much higher than defensive. No one likes to be attacked. When secrets are collected, if it reaches a 100 people, one of them is bound to misuse those secrets.

It’s about right. AI is good for automating certain classes of tasks. Correctly executed, it can be transformative. For example, good legal representation is really expensive now. Lawyers may need to sift through a large body of case law for even a modest brief, and they don’t come cheap. AI can help at least narrow down their task, making quality representation accessible for people of more modest means.

Same with suggestions. This came up at my work. Given a person’s position information and current access, what are other pieces of access that they might need? AI is a great way for generating those types of suggestions. We haven’t implemented it, but it’s not uncommon in various identity and access management products.

That said, AI isn’t the end all and be old of everything. There are certain things where it’s just not the right tool for the job. I don’t see it ever replacing the empathy in human-to-human interactions, for example.

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