I think people are misunderstanding this article.

I don’t agree with it, but what the author is saying is that the idea of a single federated network is already dead, and that instead, the future will be smaller islands of instances that federate with each other but are insular within themselves.

And we already see that to some extent, with a rather sharp division between the freeze peach instances and the rest of the Fediverse. But that’s not going to keep happening at smaller and smaller levels, because the reason defederation happens with any given instance is to maintain a feed consistent with that communities values. Once that is achieved, further defederating just diminishes community engagement


Yes, I think people should skip to the “We have to keep going” section of the article to put the previous text in better context.

The harder I tried to see the author’s POV, the more IQ points I lost. The fediverse is having some drama and hiccups, and so the author threw up their hands and said it should die?


Dunno… click-baity title obviously and the argument doesn’t really hold up as it makes a up a quite peculiar definition of “Fediverse” and then pronounces that dead, while promoting what I think most people consider to be the meaning of “Fediverse” under a different term.

Also would be better without the personal vendetta against Mastodon and Gargron.

Let me de-clickbait this article for you…

It should be called:

“Things I personally dislike about the fediverse (which is alive)”

…on many occasions - that article disagrees with itself.

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