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I am sometimes tempted to check if people here with alt-accounts on Lemmygrad are double voting, but then realize I have better stuff to do…

Speculating here, but it sounds like the offending post got reported by some overzealous fedizen, but then the admin had a short look at the post timeline of this person and decided it was neither worth keeping the account nor worth discussing with them. Stuff like that happens sometimes 🤷‍♂️

And this kind of complaining in a blog post kinda proves the admin might have been correct in their quick assessment.

Did you try the recent 13.x release of Misskey? Apparently it got a massive speed improvement. Didn’t try it myself yet though and also don’t really have fresh memory to compare it against.

Sadly there is no built-in way to move an account yet. Just put your new account into the profile of your old one so that people know it isn’t an impersonator.

Move your account to an instance that blocks lemmygrad.ml

There are plenty of instances that do that due to the low quality posts and comments from lemmygrad.

The option to migrate a Twitter account from an archive seems useful. Seems to work with Mastodon and Misskey as well.

Ugh, toxic comments though. I hope that isn’t representative of the overall community.

Indeed the up and down voting is basically a way to crowd-source the curation that other platforms try to do algorithmically. It doesn’t work that well on Lemmy due to the lack of users and resulting easy vote brigading, but at least theoretically it could serve a similar role.

P.S.: cats & anime would be also leading topics on Twitter if they would not artificially shape the trending topics towards “news”.

Any source for that? Last time I read about it their user-base was still growing, albeit mostly outside of Europe / US which is not popular with their advertisement customers.

Sounds like a massive release. [Full change log here](https://github.com/misskey-dev/misskey/blob/develop/CHANGELOG.md), but it is partially in Japanese.

On a side note: despite the name, it was never truly open-source.

Likely Hetzner, Netcup and OVH. Large relatively cheap VPS providers in Europe.

I remember reading an article some time ago about someone actually investigating that and there was also some large US hoster in the mix. but those few made up 80-90% of the fediverse instances.

Edit: found it: https://bitkeks.eu/blog/2020/03/underlying-problem-fediverse-decentralised-platforms.html

Hmm, obviously meant for single user instances and since you bring your own domain it is not total vendor lock-in.

As a normal Fediverse user you will not even interact with cloudflare servers directly, but only your hopefully non-cloudflare hosted fediverse instance does.

Personally I would not use it, but I can see its appeal. And its not like other VPS hosts are completely free of proprietary software.

I hope someone will take it over. Very nice alternative web-client. Edit: after reading further… seems like it has too much tech debt :-/

Sorry I am not deep enough into hosting Lemmy (yet) to answer your question. I guess the Pict-rs container that is used as the image backend has some sort of issue?

no that looks more like it has issues connecting to the database. Maybe the database container got renamed?

Try the force-recreate option to make sure you are not only restarting the containers but actually recreating them.

With a SSH terminal go to the directory where the specific docker-compose.yml file is and do this:


Just restarting the VM or the containers does not recreate them. Be sure all the persistent data is properly stored and backed up as recreating the container will overwrite the data otherwise.

But are you sure you want to run a public service with Docker if your level of understanding of it (and online search skills) is so low?

Excellent. Keep up the great work then 🤩

There are some standards for that: https://indieweb.org/backlink

But I don’t think they are supported by Lemmy right now.

Making Lemmy work as a comment engine on a static website was suggested before and should be relatively easy to do with the Lemmy JS client, but so far no one has implemented it.

No offense, but I think you are missing the point a bit.

The cross posting functionality of the Fediverse is nice, yes; but in the grand scheme of things (and for most people to be honest) it doesn’t make a real difference. You can easily make a free account on most commercial social network sites as well and almost even use them as if they were one using delegated authorization systems like Oauth2. You are not really being locked in, but of course they will try to make it hard for you to leave, but that’s mostly just the network effects and convenience.

There is of course a reason why it still makes sense to federate, and that is to join forces to reach network effects similar to what you can find on the incumbent large commercial sites. The Fediverse is not quite there yet, but individual websites (like the old forums or blogs) would never get even close to offer similar network effects.

The real deal however is that you get to collectively own the social fabric you use daily, instead of it being operated by for-profit hell-holes that only see you as a product to sell to their advertisement customers. But this ownership comes with certain responsibilities, so you should start thinking about how you can help out with running fediverse sites or host your own 💗

It explains the differences and links to a more detailed explanation.

I guess you want a table listing technical differences in detail? That would make little sense as both projects are still pulling changes from each other and are in active development, especially Akkoma. So such a table would be outdated within a very short time. Look that the git change log I guess?

Their FAQ has a section on the differences.

I think it was a good decision to remove the chat. Apparently it worked quite badly, was not supported by any other AP software and there are other protocols like xmpp or Matrix that are much better suited for private chats.

Because you claim that it isn’t true as a “blanket statement” and I would like to learn where it is different as I do think it broadly describes something that is true in all of them.

Provide me with a counter example then ;)

I think that captures only half of the story. The main problem these countries have is that the exploitation happens too early on the value creation chain. In fact, looking at the total value produced with inputs from these countries, much more exploitation of labour happens elsewhere. But because it happens so early in the value creation chain in these poor countries, this exploitation only supports a small local elite, with the rest of the population left with no chance at all.

That’s a very loaded question that can get you into heated arguments very easily.

I personally would say it did play a role, but around the 1950ties many of the formerly colonized countries were relatively speaking not so badly off economically. But what it really enabled was providing the infrastructure and laying the groundwork for the local elites taking over almost seamlessly from their former colonial overlords and subsequently embezzling all the growth that other countries (mainly in east-Asia) used to fuel big improvements in the welfare of their citizens.

Of course, their old (i.e. the former colonizers) and sometimes new (self-proclaimed socialist states) friends did their best to help the local elites with the embezzlement and other abuses, but that is a somewhat different topic than the original colonialism.

Akkoma seems to be indeed the best Mastodon alternative for self-hosting right now, although with things changing quickly during this time, who knows if this is still true next month :)

You might want to look into kbin then. It includes both.

Some dodgy crypto-coin company buying up a largely defederated and japanese only instance isn’t the “Gmail moment”. It’s not much different from attempts like Gab or Truth Social etc.

But the “Gmail moment” or I would rather call it the Google Talk / XMPP disaster is a real danger to look out for.

Horrible site re-designs and soft-locking out mobile web-browsers with their nag-popups to install their spyware app. No, your site is not “better in the app” >:(

The closest to Lemmy are probably kbin and lotide, both also federated via ActivityPub, although compatibility with Lemmy is not fully there yet AFAIK.

The activist thing would be interesting to have a closer look at. I am somewhat sceptical of the claim, given that for example the impact social media had on the Arab spring protests was probably vastly over-stated. And in addition: not every internet mob is activism, even if participants might feel that way.

I think these attempts are kind of stupid. ActivityPub was never intended to be a closed private network with little to no public access. Trying to use it for such is just going to cause a lot of problems with people expecting privacy where there can’t be such.

There are other protocols better fitting for such use-cases, why not use those instead?

Which is IMHO a reasonable question, no matter how you think about Steam otherwise.

Yes, but improve how? The interview tells us more about where the interviewee is on the spectrum of the 7 stages of grief in regards to Twitter than it does about possible ways to make the Fediverse more welcoming for BIPOCs. That it is too “white” can only be fixed by more BIPOCs joining, so that circular logic brings us nowhere.

Hmm, that was a long and convoluted read.

He kinda makes some vague valid criticism, but no real suggestion on how to improve things. And the few things that he does suggest (all black instance) he realized himself are not really a good idea and overall are quite unimaginative of what we could build in the Fediverse together.

And ultimately he seems to fall back to an apologetic stance on Twitter (“not that bad”, “black people can endure that”, “in spite of all the problems”) and a “grass isn’t greener” type of argument based on the fear of losing the network-effect that Twitter offers.

Dunno… I admit that as a white person I cannot fully grasp the “inherent whiteness” of the Fediverse in its full extend, but the argument brought forward in this interview leaves me less than convinced that this is really the main problem. It seems more like he is grasping for arguments for why the “Black Twitter” he got used to and is apologetic about needs to somehow survive the Musk takeover.

While some of its features could improve the quality of public discourse, disadvantaged communities might be excluded. […] This is already happening. Some Black users have reported levels of racist abuse unseen on commercial platforms.

That is a steep claim backed up by literally nothing in the article, not even a single link. It might be true, but I find that a bit hard to believe as the Mastodon community specifically has a reputation for being especially protective of minorities.

The later argument that people from poorer countries can not afford to run their own servers is also IMHO misleading. First of all it isn’t that expensive, and secondly efforts by large corps such as Facebook to bribe local ISPs to allow free access to Facebook (and Facebook only) did not improve the situation for these poorer communities, in fact it prevented them from participating on equal footing on the internet as it kept prices for real internet access artificially high in many places.

You are putting words into my mouth and are constructing an absurd strawman. One wrong doesn’t justify another.

The Boys

Never heard of that. This: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Boys_(TV_series) ?

The wikipedia page at least doesn’t sound like Russia is even a topic in that?

The “west” doesn’t hate post-soviet Russia. There are eastern European states that justifiably are afraid of them due to being colonized by them for a really long time (with the Russians in power showing no signs of remorse about that, quite the contrary) and then there are the US/UK that play their age old divide and conquer empire games.

In addition to that the current Russian Federation has developed into a mafia state that recently decided it is in their interest to invade a neighbouring country and kill a lot of innocent people, which didn’t exactly help their image.

Edit: What recent movies do you mean? I am not aware of any Russian villains in recent Marvel movies… and I think they stopped making other kinds of movies /s

Requires a sim card, so you have to agree to a tracking device.

Non-federated, so it’s not sustainable. One day it’ll disappear, or get corrupted, or something, and then the entire base has to move somewhere.

That massively understates both problems.

Requiring a phone-number is a huge privacy problem not only because of the device tracking, but because your phone-number becomes your ID on the network that you have to share with others to connect.

And the centralisation of the service, especially with servers & staff in the US, that allow US government services easy meta-data tracking (despite what Signal claims) is another huge issue.

And last but not least (but they seem to have eased up on that a bit), Signals requirement to use the official binary release versions of the client (instead of 3rd party compiled versions from places like F-droid that can remove Google dependencies) makes the open-source nature of the client pretty much void as it practically very hard to tell if the binary release they offer you for download is the same as what the source contains. This is also problematic as the Signal client pulls in external dependencies from Google services that are closed source and can change on a OS upgrade without the user noticing.