• @OsrsNeedsF2P@lemmy.ml
    1 year ago

    There’s a ton of game launchers, for instance this one just came out the other day and allegedly launches your games from Steam/Heroic/Bottles/etc. Not sure if it’s what you need but it seems weird there wouldn’t be an alternative to Playnite: https://flathub.org/apps/details/hu.kramo.Cartridges

    Screensharing looks like something to wait on though. I’ve heard of people getting it to work but seems finicky

    Edit: Looks like Playnite has distant goals of supporting Linux. Could be a race between these two apps for you to see which one gets working first

    • @ram@lemmy.ml
      41 year ago

      Nah I’ve been through all those. Playnite has things like the ability to auto-scan launchers, launching from emulators, running scripts before / after games launch and after they close, and a really robust library of plugins and add-ons from its community. I’ve looked into the others, the best one for my use would be Lutris, but even then everything just feels extremely jank and it’s entirely disheartening. I appreciate the thoughtful reply though. It’s clear you actually looked into this quite a bit.