I love that I’m seeing more and more posts to Lemmy from Mastodon.
This one feature finally ties Lemmy in with the rest of the fediverse by providing the lacking feature: making top level posts. Lemmy (along with friendica!) will lead the way in making “groups” and forums in the fediverse, accessible from any platform you choose.

@JackFromWisconsin @jakob I think, on the contrary, that’s right: Mastodon is a microblogging software and there’s no need for Mastodon to support a complete display of “subject + text” messages.

There are few projects that support these messages (Friendica, Hubzilla and bloggers like writefreely and plume) but they are more than enough 😅

Sarah Brown

deleted by creator

It uses it as attachment…

And yes… i would prefer, if mastodon could handle subjects…

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