I’m Sarah. I’m a Brit who fled to Portugal on account of Brexit, increasing intolerance and the British weather. I like climbing (although I can’t do much any more for health reasons) and sailing. This is my Friendica profile (it is to Facebook as Mastodon is to Twitter). If you’re looking for me on Mastodon, try @goatsarah@masto.sarahlizzy.org

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@jokeyrhyme This may be unfair, but after reading that I can’t stop thinking, “epicycles within epicycles”.

@notizie @oliver @tio I’ve integrated my RSS feeds into my friendica timeline and couldn’t be happier.

@serenity @zeitverschreib @rom Thanks. Currently running mine on a raspberry pi 4 with 2 gigs, so limited in what I can give it. Considering moving it to something with more resources though.

@serenity @f00fc7c8 @rom @eshep Exactly. Seems there’s still a lot of confusion about how federation works.

My issue with Friendica is that it takes several seconds to render the “timeline” sometimes. Tempted to move the docker containers from the RPi that’s currently hosting them to my M1-pro MacBook.

@Samlane86 @petrescatraian You can add a mastodon content warning with the abstract code.

For alt text, put it between the img and the /img text.

@anova There are lots. I have my own mastodon instance with Spacebear.ee. They spin up an instance, make you the admin, and you just have to point DNS at it. They handle the software updates, etc.

@ada I’m seeing this from my own Friendica instance running on a little Raspberry Pi on my home network. I rather like this vision of the future. It’s awakening the spirit I remember from the home computer revolution of the 80s!

@ada I’m old enough to remember embrace, extend, extinguish from Microsoft and can understand why people might be wary, but if the fediverse is to reach its full potential, then this stuff needs to be simple to deploy and right now it really isn’t.