• funky-rodent [he/him]
    257 months ago

    Not a massive expense. Turned 500 € into 250€. Learned a lesson nonetheless.

    I followed the GameStop (GME) hype to late and halfed my money in 4 easy steps. Follow and don’t repeat.

    • invest (feel like robin hood … hehe)
    • panic (notice why I shouldn’t daytrade and why I was in therapy
    • withdraw my money at an awesome 2:1 ratio
    • not fall for internet hype that quicky again and delete my invest account
    • @ironeagl@sh.itjust.works
      67 months ago

      Stock market is all gambling. You just gotta choose a bunch - some indexes, like Dow/S&P, some bonds, and then a few stocks you “like”. Then hold them for decades, and check in only a couple times a year. Otherwise you’ll most likely lose money.

    • @Tathas@programming.dev
      57 months ago

      There’s an old saying that “Time in the market will always beat timing the market.”

      You just didn’t hodl long enough ;)