be sure to add it to your moldposts titles

  • @paris
    352 months ago

    what does this mean

    • @paris
      172 months ago


          2 months ago

          It cracked me the fuck up, personally! Scrolling down, reading your comment text, scrolling further - because I see you’ve uploaded a photo with your post - to see…that big ol’, closely-cropped, blurry, shitty quality, silly, weird, ‘cat sticking it’s face RIGHT all up in your face’ type CAT FACE, boom!

          It hadn’t even occurred to me that it could’ve been intended as a lil emoji-sized emoji thing just tacked right on to the end of your sentence like any regular ol’ emoji, lol! Even though I’m very aware of that glitch or whatever for people on some instances or clients where some other instances’ custom, ‘tiny-emoji-sized’ emojis (that the comment author just picked out of a short little provided list), meant as a lil bit of an addition to the text, show up as big-ass full-sized photos someone chose (out of the choice of the default, ‘no photo,’ or any one of every photo ever) to upload to attach to the post with the intention and knowledge that it will be outstretched across a massive amount of everyone’s screen.

          So, I dunno, I thought it was funny. Especially thinking that you intended it all that way. Then it got funnier when I realized what was going on and that it wasn’t intentional at all and even got you with the ‘UNEXPECTED HUGE CAT FACE! BOOM!’ but it may be because of sleep deprivation, pain, or whatever else I’ve got going on, though, lol.

          Regardless, I thank you for the good laugh and the endorphins that brought me. I hope my long, rambly, silly-ass comment hasn’t been annoying or obnoxious or anything to ya 😅😋💖

          • 🏳️‍⚧️Mia🏳️‍⚧️
            42 months ago

            U’re so very welcome and ur comment cracked me up too LMAO >u< But I’m sorry to tell u I’m not the one that used the cat emoji thingy, that’s who I’m replying to X3

    • Moss's altOPM
      12 months ago

      ? this hasn’t been pinned since monday