Hilda Bastian (@hildabast@mastodon.online)
I'd fallen for, and helped spread, what I now realize was a myth about quote tweets: That there's almost no research on them. Big mistake! Now rectified. Here's my new post, digging into more than 30 studies with data on quote tweets. They don't settle all the questions. But there are answers, or at least partial ones, to most. It's still complicated, though. It's a * very * long read, but there are summary points ....1/2 https://absolutelymaybe.plos.org/2023/01/12/quote-tweeting-over-30-studies-dispel-some-myths/ #MissedQuoteBoost #QuoteBoost #QuoteTweets

In short, the existing research on quote tweets on Twitter suggest that they’re not a significant vector for toxicity.


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