I can’t help but think at night
Of that which never was, but might.

I’ve faced the demons deep inside
And found the answers that they hide.
But if I’d known it all back then,
Just think how much it could’ve changed…

It took so long to find the way
That most are trailing every day,
And now they seem so far ahead.
I miss the past I’ve never had,
Where all I took so long to see
Were always clear, and I’d be free.

How can I catch up with the rest?
How can I make up for the past?
Is it too late to change my fate?
Have I missed the train of luck?
Has life gone by while I was stuck?

– Lady Scarecrow

  • @OpenStars@discuss.online
    122 months ago

    Don’t compare yourself to others - you may have no idea how strong you are, as a result of having to go through all the shit you did just to get here. Others may “have” more, but they don’t appreciate what they have, at which point doesn’t you who fucking earned it have more solidly what you do have? Just my two cents anyways. 💪 ❤️

  • @RadicalEagle@lemmy.world
    82 months ago

    Thinking about where I could be now if I had done something back then is always a sign that I’m falling into depression.

    The only reason to think about your past is so you can use your experience to make decisions today that will impact your future. The past dead. Let it die and let go of it.