• @qjkxbmwvz@startrek.website
    91 month ago

    In grad school I had an old (though not that old) HP networked (Ethernet) laser printer. It was awesome. Cheap toner, worked flawlessly with Linux.

    I totally get the hate that inkjets (and many modern printers) get, but there were some older printers that kinda just printed what you told them to print and that was it.

    • @criticon@lemmy.ca
      41 month ago

      Our first laser was also an HP and it worked great for many years until windows 7 stopped supporting it, I tried a lot of drivers but I couldn’t find any that made it print correctly. I eventually found that it still worked with Linux so I connected it to an old computer and ran a server thru it and it worked for many more years until some part broke and the replacement part was more expensive thana be one, or so we though because we had to change printers another 3 times since because they break a lot quicker now

  • Mr.Mofu
    81 month ago

    I am playing with the idea of getting a Printer for my 45 y.o Commodore PET, but I swear they are impossible to find

    • @flx
      101 month ago

      Yes, then the semblance of control ends and betrayal begins