• @uriel238
    129 days ago

    Well, the California example is about too many PSA warning labels. So many things are known by the State of California to cause cancer that no-one takes heed of the labels anymore. Similarly Nancy Reagan’s anti-drug campaign (and Tipper Gore’s parental advisory music labels) only encouraged kids to do more drugs and listen to angrier music.

    So it’s not that kids will smoke more (or much more) it’s that the labels will be more easily ignored when the government fails to be sparing in their use.

    In an non-government example, when everything is a sin, then nothing is a sin.

    • @Rekorse@lemmy.dbzer0.com
      28 days ago

      Different groups of people, and different sub groups within those, react to things in different ways, and I think most would argue that the group of people who responded in the opposite way rather than getting along were not a detriment to the whole movement.

      To your point specifically about California surgeon general warnings, quite a lot of people take them seriously, including myself. In most cases they aren’t off the mark by much if at all.