I feel like I have a moral responsibility to attempt to repair anything before making it waste. So I’m trying my hand at the dryer. Sadly I didnt’ realize that the whole tub joint pops upwards so I detached the tub from the join and then found the join comes off pretty easy anyways.

Anyhow, everything is made of garbage these days:

Photo of disassembled Kenmore stackable washer

Photo of broken heating coil

But I think I can replace that. But while I’m in there: any recommendations on how to lubricate the tub joint? Anything else I should be replacing while I’ve got it apart? I noticed the tape sealing up the exhauste has disintegrated so I figure I should replace that with a strip of aluminum duct tape.

  • @Nawor3565
    18 months ago

    Did you find the service manual when you opened it up? It’s different from the user manual, the service manual is often taped to the back or inside of appliances so that “only” technicians can find them. It might contain specific part numbers or values that would make finding a replacement heating element easier.

    • PxtlOP
      28 months ago

      Nope, just a wiring diagram, that ripped when I was pulling it out.