I’m running on a personal lemmy instance, and I’ve been able to simply re-subscribe to the communities that I was subscribed to on my previous lemmy.ml account.

But what if I didn’t have that? How would I discover those communities?

On the micro blogging fediverse, I can use relays, follow other peoples boosts, or join gup.pe groups etc for content discovery and to give me federated content in general on which to do content discovery.

What does that look like in the lemmyverse niche of the fediverse? How does a small single person instance find new content? How do they get richer content search options etc? Right now, I’m just using search on lemmy.ml for that, but that’s a work around, not a solution

  • AdaOPA
    71 year ago

    I’ve love to see a third party search that shows communities by name, instance and subscriber count!

    It doesn’t have to be a full text search of the contents, just a searchable listing of communities!. Combine that with the ability to configure my own instance in settings on the search site. It would let me click on a link in the search results and be redirected back to my own instance, ready for a single click subscribe to the remote instance!