Trans women have no advantage over cisgender female athletes, report finds • GCN | Ghostarchive
The report reviews key medical findings, testosterone research, and myths about trans athletes that have been circulated in sport. A new report commissioned by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport demonstrates that trans female athletes have no inherent advantage over their cisgender counterparts in elite sport. The report includes an overview of 2011-2021 research about key medical findings, testosterone effects on the body, the history of gender categories in sports, myths about trans athletes, and accounts of discrimination and violence against trans women.

Someone tell him that archaeologists actually have shit accuracy at identifying biological sex and most other traits about the person from when they were alive.
Seeing how they get things wrong about entire civilizations all the damn time, I don't think I'd give a shit about what they think my or anyone else's genders were. I mean, all "there are two genders" arguments are stupid, but somehow this was the stupidest I've come across.

Fuck reddit

Rockstar Games Cuts Transphobic Content in GTA 5 Remastered
Rockstar Games Cuts Transphobic Content in GTA 5 Remastered

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