Being a Reddit user for years, now had come to Lemmy to see what’s going on here :-)

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well, that’s okay :-)

I’m not a phone/smartphone user. I am desktop user. Any ways to have Dracula theme for web desktop version of Lemmy?

Lemmy UI is clean and easy to follow

JESUS CHRIST, GOD how can people prefer an OLD, UNSTABLE UI!!!

Reddit redesign is a giant mess

Okay, visit . Are you happy now???

ok, got it :-)

Does your instance has Dracula theme in it?

and LOL Lemmy doesn’t support embed images from Mastodon!

Thanks for response :-)

For example nutomic has creates a bulletin board - like front end for Lemmy that looks like this:

The UI definitely 100% sucks!

You can change your theme in settings, but there is not a huge amount of variety, mainly it is colour changes.

Would you like to tell me how can I have Dracula theme specifically?

Thanks in advance,



Expert Plus

P.S. BTW, I saw your response on Mastodon and it seems to be don’t support embed images via Markdown from Lemmy’s post at all:

Reddit vs Lemmy?
Using Reddit for years , I had come to Lemmy. I would like to know the difference between Reddit vs Lemmy. Like, what features Lemmy has that Reddit don't? Does Lemmy have some features missing that already exist on Reddit? And finally: have you heard of Libreddit yet? It has LOTS of themes, unlike Reddit, including Dracula and others. If you'll please tell me how can I have Dracula theme in Lemmy, I would appreciate it! Thanks in advance, Sincerely, Yours, Expert Plus P.S. BTW, why Lemmy's UI isn't so look professional? I mean, it looks like Reddit's old UI, and as for me, **it's suck**, so can I have a better UI please? If so, how? Lemmy's lite version seems to be deprecated and i didn't find any Lemmy web apps that would be better for me. If you know one, please tell me it! Name it!