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Thanks for the explanation. I read somewhere it was a fork of Lemmy so that’s what confused me about not having federation.

@uthredii I’ve never heard of HexBear before. Is it currently federated?

Well good point 😂 the problem is that it’s very few platforms which are supporting subjects , not only Mastodon who doesn’t. You will also have problems from Misskey and Pleroma for example.

@JackFromWisconsin Cool.
I see that it’s now using the first line as the title. Previously title was required (which Mastodon doesnt support, but is supported by Friendica) otherwise the title would look weird with HTML code included in it.

I like your choice of languages because i actually understand 4 of them 😃 (English, French, Swedish and Hungarian)

@taur10 @realcaseyrollins @Hovedorganet @informapirata


Ah okay thanks for the info. I’m on Friendica and it was on a Friendica instance. I think Friendica has the feature but I’m not entirely sure. I know for sure that Mastodon has it.

I interact with Lemmy a lot from this account 😃

I went back to using the daemon. Decreasing the number of parallel workers from 10 to 5 seems to have solved the issue I was having.
The daemon is also faster at delivering updates to other servers than the worker. I think it’s because it has multiple parallel workers.


I think a good admin will only shadow ban what he doesn’t want to be shown on the global timeline.
I remember being on a server where I wanted to comment on a post on but I couldn’t do that because it was completely blocked which wasn’t that nice at the time 😃

At least I can start my own instance which I’m on now 😃

@DukeJava @Austin_Skeldon

Would be nice if LBRY would add this feature
[@fediverse]( […](

Correction: it’s not a Cron job that I use. If you do a Cron job every 10th second you might risk that the script will run twice at the same time. What I have is a loop script having a 10s sleep after it’s finished. In this way it won’t run twice.

@ada indeed. i moved from mastodon to friendica partly because of the timeline.

@0x1C3B00DA seems like a different one of the kind. interesting.

Use cron job
It seems, that it was the [#Friendica]( daemon which started a lot of defunct [#PHP]( processes, which caused my server to slow down with time. I have changed the setup to run the worker.php script every 10th second. Thanks to [#ChatGPT]( for writing me a [#Python]( script, which could show me, which application had the most processes running and sort it by showing the one with the most at the top. With this script I could figure out what took up the resources.

Telegram -> Fediverse bridge
[@fediverse]( I thought that this was interesting as I use Telegram a lot. [GitHub - autogestion/pubgate-telegram: Extension for PubGate, Telegram \<-\> ActivityPub bridge](

Does it work in comments from Lemmy accounts?

@jakob @jakob Did it work? Because I don’t see it on the Lemmy instance page.


@helpers @loaneville

Unfortunately they take you to the original page but if you search for them on a Lemmy instance with a ! instead of @ in the beginning then you will be able to subscribe to them.


Did you know that Friendica groups can be found here on Lemmy as communities? Examples:


This issue has been fixed in the new version of Lemmy (0.17.0)

The ability to post pictures from Friendica

@dessalines Amazing! this release fixed some federation issues between Friendica and Lemmy.

This issue has been fixed in the new version of Lemmy (0.17.0).

@heluecht In the new version of #Lemmy (0.17.0) posting images from #Friendica to Lemmy communities is now supported.

Test post successfully made from Friendica:


@anders @ada

Cool! As long as you tag with the server domain name included it shouldnt tag another user.


@anders @ada

Ah okay then it’s Swedish. The Scandinavian are hard to distinguish because they are so similar 😃


@anders @ada

If you wanna do that then the post needs to have a title and then tag the community in the beginning of the post with either ! or @. Feel free to send a link to your post here if it doesn’t work then I might be able to tell you what’s wrong as I have tested it quite a lot now. Lemmy’s compatibility with other platforms isn’t so good in my opinion so it doesn’t take much mistake for it to just ignore one’s post.

Can’t post pictures from Friendica
When I try to post images/pictures from my Friendica account to a Lemmy community, it just never appears. It works fine with just text or links. Any idea why that is?

Fediverse is like email
It would be nice with a search engine made with decentralization in mind. Like the internet is decentralized but the good search engines are at centralised companies like Google etc.