Should the Fediverse welcome its new surveillance-capitalism overlords? Opinions differ! If you’re one of the fediverse influencers who sees Threads arrival it as “historic” and “a glimpse of the future” … well, you might want to skip this post.

But if you’re one of the many many people on the fediverse who doesn’t want to deal with Threads, read on!

  • 𝘋𝘪𝘳𝘬
    172 months ago

    Fortunately, has already blocked it instance-wide. On my own Mastodon instance I defederated it it, too.

    I am not going to help Meta to destroy the Fediverse!

  • MudMan
    102 months ago

    For the sake of sanity, I will just report that at the moment I have two accounts on Mastodon, one on a Meta-banning instance and one where they aren’t banning them.

    They’re mostly identical, short of the faact that I get one opt-in follow who has both Masto and Meta accounts showing up twice and I get to see the few Meta employees with the test accounts I follow out of curiosity.

    The level of discourse around these has been abysmal, honestly. I’m extremely disappointed on the “fediverse”. Not because Meta is good or because I like them, but the level of inaccuracy and misinformation in the community at large paired with the unwillingness from the people who know better to set the record straight has been a rude awakening that social media is social media and this place isn’t free from any of its dysfunctions.

  • brawnybunkbedbuddy
    2 months ago

    while we’re at this, some mastodon clients allows you to block domains (there are cases where this is pretty handy) while rest asks you to do that by your server’s web page. wish that’d be a standard feature for all clients.

    also, i’m in the blocking camp and i believe there’s not a single bit of good in any form in allowing big networks ran by corporations to join the federation. they’re aiming for the own profits only.

    • The Nexus of PrivacyOP
      22 months ago

      Sorry about that – and thanks for letting me know, it was down briefly but got back on its feet fairly quickly!