• @Sop
    291 month ago

    Bro what is Palestine supposed to do? Disarm and allow Israel to kill half of them and use the rest as cheap labor 2nd degree citizens?

    Most of the Israeli attacks are not to fight Hamas but to spread terror over the Palestinian people. Israel are the real terrorists living on stolen Palestinian land. Israel doesn’t want peace, they funded Hamas because they thought Hamas would keep fighting, which is proven to be untrue as Hamas offered several long term peace treaties by now which Israel denied.

      • @MrVilliam@lemmy.world
        91 month ago

        Any god who is all powerful and all knowing–yet allows this to happen–is not a god worthy of anybody’s worship. If there are such beings, then our universe may be nothing more than a child’s misplaced Tamagotchi, forgotten under their bed or at the bottom of their backpack.

        Is it better to have an uncaring god or no god at all?