One time it wasn’t a bigot, but an old guy taking creepshots of college girls on the light rail

Edit: If you’re going to argue against my meme, then why don’t you tell me what you expect me to do when I see someone hurling epithets and slurs against brown people or trans people, or homophobes calling me a “faggot” and spitting at me? Just sit there on my hands like a useless log?

And moreover, if you’ve come here from other instances for the sole purpose of calling me names, I’m going to report that shit and message your instance admins. There is NOTHING about my post or comments that is attacking or insulting anyone, unless you’re a creep or a bigot.

I’m not going to sit idly by while others cause harm.

Remember to always stand up for what’s right. Ignore the ignorant people who tell you not to. They’re part of the problem.

This is an essential part of mutual aid

  • LinkOpensChest.wavOP
    73 months ago

    Thank you. You are so much more articulate than I am! From my pov, I’d compare it to protest. The act of protest is itself neutral. If a group protests in favor of a white nationalist ethnostate, then I think you’d agree that would be bad; but if a group protests seeking justice and equity, we’d consider that good, and rightfully so.

    If I made a post supporting a BLM or anti-ICE protest, I doubt anyone would claim that I then must open the doors to a white nationalist protest and tolerate it.

    Same with this – if people are taking action against hate, then I support that. This does not mean that we should support or tolerate oppression of marginalized groups, in fact it hurts my head trying to think of why anyone would have such a reaction – except I suppose we are quite heavily propagandized to believe that agencies like the police are the “good guys.”

    And yeah, when I’ve seen this happen, it’s always been for the good. In my experience, most people will do the right thing when they witness an injustice.

    Also, I like what you said about anarchism and democracy. In fact, I often think anarchism is the most democratic system, in many ways. And in my experience, it’s even preferable to democracy in that anarchist communities tend to find ways to prevent a tyranny of the majority. For instance, it would not be acceptable to anarchists to imprison and deport immigrants, even if a majority agreed that we should.

    I have a hard time expressing myself, and I often think I’m going to be understood, only to get so much backlash. Communicating online really sucks donkey ass, because everyone anticipates that I’m here to cause harm.