When you read up on U.S. political basics, you can’t help but come across the detail that many of the people in cities in the U.S. seem to lean left, yet what isn’t as clear is why and what influences their concentration in cities/urban areas.

Cities don’t exactly appear to be affordable, and left-leaning folks in the U.S. don’t seem to necessarily be much wealthier than right-leaning folks, so what’s contributed to this situation?

    • Haha, the irony of a person screaming, “learn nuance.” Generalization isn’t the problem, income inequality is. You clearly have a lot of energy and passion which is great, but you need to learn how to punch up.

    • @mercury
      310 months ago

      Not every conversation and discussion can contain every edge case. Generalizations are okay some times

      • @RememberTheApollo@lemmy.world
        110 months ago

        Make a generalization and people attack your argument with exceptions and lack of specificity.

        Make an argument with specificity and it has to be written with exceptions, caveats, disclaimers, becomes long-winded and nobody wants to read it. Or they throw a generalization at you.

        Can’t win, but conciseness and a level of brevity are still good policy.