I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok.

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For me, it’s all the variety of niches. I have a small custom electronics company. I occasionally will post a question in r/smallbusiness, r/electronics, or r/projectmanagement.

It’s going to be awhile until we have all those communities in the Fediverse.

Also, I like Reddit UI better. I think as Lemmy gains more people and more options on UI it’ll naturally be better.

PRINTER!! Everyone hates them. If you could just 3D print updates to make it better the collective offices of the world would sigh in relief.

I typically bring up email. I can have Gmail, you can have Yahoo mail, and Jimmy can have his home made email server and we can all email each other.

Repairable customizable car platform. Something that could be configured with many features and repowered as technology improves. There’s no reason a well built car couldn’t last 100 years.

I think is better to think of a 30-35 hours whenever you want to. Typically performed sometime between 9-5 M-F because that’s when customers, vendors, coworkers are often working too. But if it’s a beautiful day on a Tuesday maybe you just hit your two hours of important meeting and then go outside for the rest of the day.

Or your kids has a school play so you work just an afternoon one day.

At least that’s what I like…