It’s painfully obvious that the Lemmy population is primarily men.


edit: to save my sanity, I choose believe that the majority of comments here are trolling. Y’all cannot genuinely be this dense.

I wanted to talk with other women about this to get more clarity and it turns into…this. Damn.

  • @urist
    5 months ago

    The comments I’m referring to are all still here. I think you’re just lacking context:

    1. My comment comes from a place of snark, not offense, like the other commenters.

    2. This subcommunity is TwoXChromosomes, a subcommunity for women’s perspectives

    3. The OP post is a vent post, venting about how male perspectives are just like… everywhere on lemmy, to the point is is not just the default, but even things about women’s perspectives are bogged down by “but what about MY perspective”, from men.

    4. You can see this all play out in the comment chain started by snooggums

    5. If this still doesn’t make sense after reading all this… hey this is unrelated, do you identify as male?

    Bonus feature: the screenshot in the OP’s post uses the word “tsunedere” unironically to describe IRL interactions. We have all met this person online… some of them are probably in the comments of this post. I’m not making a moral judgement about people like this. Nerds are my people. I’m just going to point out that they probably have a lot of interpersonal struggles, and seeking romantic relationships are just one facet of that. I’m also wondering if the person in OP’s screenshot, if he were to think a little harder, if he really thinks using anime stereotypes to describe IRL women is uh… you know, a good thing to do?

    I’ve met men like that: they know two groups of people, Ordinary People and women.

    Anyway, I wrote more than I meant to. Hope this gives a little insight about why people are replying this way.