Hi everyone, I’m one of the administrators of the Lemmy feddit.it instance - my nick is @poliverso@poliverso@feddit.it

Together with our fellow administrators, based on some impact assessments, we have decided not to operate any preventative block against Threads, but I am not aware that we are still federated. I noticed that your instance is federated to Threads instead, but I don’t understand how this was possible. The strange thing is that, from your instance, it is still not possible to view those dozen Threads accounts that are currently “federable”. So I wanted to ask you: is there a way to force federation?

Thanks in advance for your feedback, sorry for the inconvenience and best wishes for a happy holiday!

    • InformaPirataOP
      85 months ago

      I understand your choices well. We have made an internal evaluation on the opportunity to federate Threads with our instances: with the mastodon poliversity.it instance we decided to silence Threads; with the Friendica poliverso.org instance we used the newly introduced functionality to obfuscate all the personal data of our users towards Threads; with the Lemmy feddit.it instance, however, we decided to leave the federation to try to allow Italian Threads users (feddit.it is an Italian-speaking instance) to use activitypub groups and discover the “free Fediverse”