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We (parents, counselors, teachers etc.) are 99% certain that our eldest son is “on the spectrum”. This has been quite a journey learning about all of this.

We (everyone mentioned above, including our son) are very confident that we’ll be able to find the support that our son needs.

When I’ve asked my eldest son if he “trusts the process” (i.e. finding the support that he needs) he has responded positively.

Old school Smiths and Morrissey shows
You may have seen some or all of these shows on YouTube or otherwise. However, I was given exclusive access to the best sources in order to "remaster" the content (quotes because I did not have access to the original recordings). Please enjoy: [Morrissey - October 4 1991 - Hammersmith Odeon - London England \(Dolby Digital Surround\)]( [Morrissey - December 22 1988 - Civic Hall - Wolverhampton England]( [The Smiths - February 4 1983 - Hacienda - Manchester England]( [The Smiths - June 4 1984 - Rockpalast - Hamburg Germany]( [The Smiths - October 23 1986 - Kilburn National Ballroom - London England]( [The Smiths - December 12 1986 - Brixton Academy - London England](

The first two that came to mind:

  • Bob Mould - Workbook
  • The Stone Roses - self-titled debut

uBlock Origin, Bypass Paywalls Clean, Bitwarden, and SponsorBlock for YouTube are my favorite ones.

Yes, see here.

I’ll be leveling with the sorcerer and playing endgame with the druid.

Are you looking for a small but high quality Diablo 4 clan?
One of our members works on this: Please, join us:

Satellites reveal widespread decline in global lake water storage
> The findings underscore an urgent need to incorporate climate change and sedimentation impacts into sustainable water resources management "to protect essential ecosystem services such as freshwater storage, food supply, waterbird habitat, cycling of pollutants and nutrients, and recreation," according to an editor's summary accompanying the study.

This is an incredible independent rock band. If you have the chance to see them, then please don't miss the opportunity. They have a lot of free content on YouTube if you need convincing.

Thank you for digging that up! As an American, that has been dragged through some of the worst of evangelical Christianity, I’m incredibly fortunate to have been given the opportunity to contribute to academic biblical scholarship.

Currently, there are a number of persons that have volunteered in this endeavor over several years. Thankfully, the efforts of /r/AcademicBiblical led me to found /r/AskBibleScholars.

Subsequently, we have been working on where non-Reddit users will be able to ask questions from our panel of scholars.

Spoiler Alert!

None of this hate-filled idiotic nonsense, targeted at the LGBTQ+ community, can be substantiated with the biblical texts.

I don’t understand this type of feeble-mindedness that has plagued the Earth for thousands of years. In my opinion, this is not just a lack of critical thinking skills. Rather, it’s the bottom of the barrel of intelligence. How do these morons find themselves remotely close to holding any position of political power? Is this about hatred? Is it more enjoyable to fuck up other people’s lives than to be compassionate? This shit has boggled my mind for decades and I’m starting to get exhausted hearing about these worthless pieces of flesh wreaking havoc on the rest of humanity.

> Researchers from Tel Aviv University, Israel, have created a micro-robot the size of a single biological cell that navigates using both electricity and magnetic fields and can identify and capture a single cell, opening the door to a vast array of applications.

Making the same post in more than one community is considered spam. That is why I’m removing this post and leaving the other in /c/space.

> A nuclear fusion reactor has reportedly created more energy than was put into it, for the first time ever.