"Infrastructure people needed to help Hexbear relaunch" on Hexbear
"Hello friends, the dev team is ready to set up the new Lemmy instance for testing purposes. We're taking the relaunch as an opportunity to redo our infrastructure while we're at it. Unfortunately I'm the only active infrastructure person and I can't do this by myself, hence this post. If you're good at & have experience with infrastructure-type things, DevOps, etc, please reach out to me on Matrix (@layla:chapo.chat). Where I'm currently at: I have a rough proposal of what the future infrastructure should look like, i.e. the servers we're going to need, where services will live, etc. Immediate need: People to review the above plan, give constructive criticism, etc. Near-future need: People who are going be able to help actually set up the infrastructure. Talking with the admins, we are in agreement that due to the sensitive nature of this topic, if you want to be involved, you will need to either (a) be trusted, or (b) go through some sort of vetting process and have a long-time user vouch for you. So yeah! If you're ready to commit time to this, please reach out, we can't progress until people do. :floppy-parrot: Edit: If you want to reach out and Matrix isn't working DM me your Matrix ID here and I'll start the chat because that seems to work. Alternatively my Discord is not_layla#5041. I'll reach out to people in a few hours time "

(they are looking for people to help with infrastructure so might be worth letting them know if you can help with that)

@uthredii I’ve never heard of HexBear before. Is it currently federated?


Nope, that’s what they’re trying to achieve.

They’re a very large community based on a significantly diverged fork of lemmy with some major DB differences that make federation impossible.

The work they’re doing is to bring it back inline with lemmy and allow for federation with the wider lemmy community. They have something like 20,000 members

Thanks for the explanation. I read somewhere it was a fork of Lemmy so that’s what confused me about not having federation.


Yeah they have actually been working on migrating back to a using a more current Lemmy version for a while now (around a year). But this post is making it look like it is actually close to happening.

Sounds great :)

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